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  1. Ok, brilliant first step! My agent/friend already sent me like a dozen listings with very similar descriptions for what I am looking for. Now this is going to seem like a really really naive/dumb question but....what is the next logical step here? I think I have an idea of what direction to go, but I would like to adhere to some sort of professional convention or rule in terms who I am supposed to talk to and what kind of materials I should have in advance. Thanks in advance for any wisdom that can be imparted here. -Anthony
  2. I really appreciate your feedback. I went the Film Commission route but because I live in between NYC and Woodstock; our commission is pretty busy and there definitely is a fee to hire a location scout to walk with you. I never thought about using a realtor. Such a simple suggestion that I honestly never even considered. I actually know a few now that I think about it and will be reaching out to them for some help. Thanks again for your response!
  3. let me elaborate. I was wondering if, like craigslist, there is an online site dedicated to listing homes for use in film projects as well as a "wanted" section that would allow me to describe the kind of house I am looking to shoot in, and allowing for responses from that site anon to my email address. I am trying to get creative here but I am beginning to exhaust my resources and I know of no one that has the kind of house I am looking to shoot in. Anyway, any type of feedback is much appreciated.
  4. Yeah, I reported them too but so far...its still up and rising! I feel bad for the highest bidder. I dont understand how someone can just blindly bid on something this expensive. I am a new film maker and even I know better than that. There are other reasons then work history to ask for a serial #.
  5. very interesting indeed. Item # 110146340803 is most definitely a scam. There new story is as follows apparently: Hello, As i said in my first email i will explain how iSOLD it works because i want you to be clear on every aspect of this transaction. They are the number one selling service on eBay. You simply drop an item to one of their stores,you find a buyer and they will take care of the rest. When i left in my honeymoon i left 12 items for sale in their custody, they picked them up from my home so don`t ask at what store, or where the item is exactly because i don`t know...as long
  6. sorry! the subtopic was supposed to have a question mark.
  7. Would someone be kind enough to either reply with a link or breakdown the serial# history of the IIC? I just want to make sure I am fully informed before making a purchase? At the same time, is anyone generous enough to run a background check for me if I give them some serials? That is of course, if you are a technician that works for one of those big outfits either in NY or LA or beyond. Thanks guys/gals!
  8. Brilliant! Thank you guys for your answers. ...by "it" do you mean the constant speed motor or the actual IIC?
  9. Hello all. This is my first post although not my first time researching information about this camera. I was wondering if I would be better off with the aforementioned motor instead of the variable motor because I know with the Arriflex s/b , a constant speed is better because of issues of exposure, etc unless you are running a crystal synch...is the same true for the II C? Thanks in advance!
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