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  1. thanks for the info. I think I should probably make sure I actually enjoy diving before I get certified though.
  2. Hey fellas, I'm a twenty-year old kid in film school right now. My long-term goal is to become a cinematographer, but more immediate goal is to become a working camera operator. I'm nowwhere near ready for joining any unions, but I heard somewhere that at least in terms of freelance work there's a huge benefit to becoming certified for underwater camera operating. I guess the certification allows you to get a lot more work since there aren't quite as many underwater camera operators out there. Is anyone familiar with the requirements it takes to become an underwater camera operator? My only guess is that the first step is becoming SCUBA certified, but any advice would be great. Thanks guys -AC
  3. I totally would rent the P+S if I could but I'll be doing a semester abroad in various countries throughout Europe, so renting one out wouldn't make sense in terms of expenses and practicality. I also plan on selling the adapter or renting it out to other people as soon as I get back to the states. I'll have a DVX available to rent out for free almost all the time, so the 35 mm adapter seemed like the best idea to me, but if anyone else has any better ideas go ahead and let me know. For anyone that knows... If the Nikon lenses look best, do the Canon lenses look that that bad with the adapter or is it still a pretty beautiful picture?
  4. Hey fellas, I'm planning to shoot a documentary and narrative film using a DVX-100 w/ the Redrock 35mm adapter. Here are my questions: Feel free to answer as many as you like... 1) Should I really buy the Redrock adapter or are there much better adapter solutions for the same price? 2) I have a Canon digital Rebel XT with a Quantaray 18-200mm zoom lens, so if I'm going to be buying more Canon compatible lenses to use with both my Rebel XT and the Redrock adapter will the Canon EOS lens mount work well to create a solid picture? 3) It seems to me that most films being shot with the Redrock 35mm adapter have employed Nikon lenses as opposed to Canon, is there a reason for this? 4) Any suggestions for lens focal lengths I should invest in to give me the most flexibility on a doc or narrative shoot? Thanks again
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