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  1. Awesum! Thanks guys! Much appreciated for the help!
  2. I am in my last year at film school and DP'ng for our end of year project that requires shooting underwater in a swimming pool (indoor night) and in a lake (day - this might be simulated in an outdoor pool). All the on-land footage will be shot on an SDX 900 progressive. The underwater footage I am tossing between SD or HD. The depth in both underwater circumstances will be no more than 10 feet. I will be filming on either SD or HD and wondering if there are any things I should know in terms of filming underwater as oppose on land, ie. exposure, water density, lighting for interior pool night and day time in the lake, also will filming HD be better than SD? How to get maximum quality out of shooting. Will there be a major change from cutting from the SDX 900 to the underwater camera? Filters required or to enhance? I will do a test before filming but any help or tips will be greatly appreciated.
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