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  1. IDX Links Its Lithium Ion Batteries to Sony PMW-EX3 XD-CAM Camcorder and PMW-EX30 Deck Torrance, CA, May 27, 2009 - Users of the Sony PMW-EX3 camcorder can now use Lithium Ion battery engineering from IDX System Technology, Inc. The company announced today the availability of a new V-Mount adapter, Model A-E2EX3, specifically engineered to interconnect IDX’s award-winning batteries to the popular camera. It also supports the matching PMW-EX30 recording deck. By using the new backbone, PMW-EX3 camcorder videographers can take advantage of powerful IDX battery features including high watt-hour capacity, long shooting times, low weight and long life cycles. IDX’ lightweight E-7S battery is especially compatible with the PMW-EX3, providing excellent weight balance to the camera and providing up to five hours of battery life. Installation and setup are user-friendly: a feature of all IDX battery adapters. The adapter’s D-Tap feature enables use of powerful on-board accessories such as IDX’ X5-Lite, which offers the equivalent of a 50W halogen light. In addition, the same adapter transforms Sony’s companion PMW-EX30 recording deck into a portable battery-powered unit for viewing video on site, dubbing to other formats and feeding data to nonlinear editing systems. IDX has V-Mount adapters for many ENG/EFP cameras and camcorders from leading manufacturers such as Canon, JVC and Panasonic. IDX engineers also design custom adapters for virtually any specialized application. MSRP for the IDX A-E2EX3 V-Mount adapter is $179.00, and is available now from IDX dealers across North and South America.
  2. PANAVISION COUPLES PHANTOM HD HIGH-SPEED DIGITAL CAMERA WITH PANAVISION LENSES FOR FEATURE FILM, TV AND COMMERCIAL CUSTOMERS Abel Cine Tech, Vision Research and Panavision Announce ?Phantom HD? Camera Acquisition October 13, 2008?Woodland Hills, Calif. ? Panavision, the leading supplier of digital and film camera systems through its rental operations around the world, has announced an agreement with Abel Cine Tech and Vision Research for the acquisition of Phantom HD high-speed digital cameras. The contract means that the Phantom HD cameras and custom accessories will be available for rent in a complete Panavised system package along with Panavision?s inventory of industry leading optics, including anamorphic lenses. Abel Cine Tech, the exclusive North American agent for the Vision Research?s Phantom HD and 65, is supplying the camera systems, technical support and training to Panavision. The Phantom HD, capable of recording up to 2048x2048 resolution, captures motion like no camera before it in the entertainment industry. At full HD resolution (1920x1080P), frame rates of over 1,000 frames per second can be recorded, played back, and accessed immediately. Its circular in-camera buffer recording enables cinematographers to ?trigger? the camera either before, during, or after the event being photographed. These and other features enable a world of high-speed imaging possibilities previously unattainable in movies, television shows and commercials. The 35mm sized CMOS imager accommodates all standard Panavision lenses, including anamorphic, and has the same depth of field characteristics as Panavision?s 35mm film and digital cameras, including Genesis. Each Panavised Phantom HD camera system will include two newly introduced products, the 512 GB CineMag flash storage magazine and the CineStation download station. These products speed up production and enhance workflow on set and off. Panavision is the first to supply this full system (two CineMags and one CineStation) to each Phantom HD Camera package. ?We?re very pleased to help create a digital standard for high-speed cinematography by offering the Panavised Phantom HD camera to our feature film, television and commercial customers,? said Bob Beitcher, President and CEO of Panavision. ?The combination of Panavision?s lenses, Vision Research technology, and Abel Cine Tech know-how will change how the industry looks at high-speed imaging.? Peter Abel, President of Abel Cine Tech, agrees, adding ?Our strategic relationship with Panavision moves Phantom HD into an arena we have eagerly sought since the camera?s inception. With their experience and unique position in the market, we couldn?t hope for a more accomplished a partner than Panavision to make this objective a reality.? The complete Panavised Phantom HD camera package with Panavision lenses is now available for rent at select Panavision offices around the world. About Panavision, Inc. Founded in 1954, Panavision Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-precision camera systems, comprising of film and digital cameras, lenses and accessories for the motion picture and television industries. Panavision systems are rented through its domestic and international owned and operated facilities and distributor network. Panavision also supplies lighting, grip and crane equipment for use by motion picture and television productions. About Abel Cine Tech Inc. Abel Cine Tech Inc., established in 1989, is an industry leader and well respected voice for new film, digital and HD technologies. With facilities in New York City and Burbank, CA. Abel is a Sony Elite III Reseller, Panasonic Specialty Reseller, the exclusive US agent for Aaton motion picture cameras, and the North American agent to the production market for Phantom HD/65 high-speed cameras. Abel is also the exclusive reseller of specialty equipment including HD Scope, Panther Broadcast tripods and dollies, and the CamTram System, as well as a reseller of major broadcast equipment lines. For more information on the company and its services, visit www.abelcine.com. About Vision Research Inc. Vision Research Inc., established in 1950, designs and manufactures high-speed digital imaging systems used in domains including defense, automotive, engineering, scientific and medical research, industrial and commercial, sports and entertainment, and digital broadcast and cinematography. The Wayne, N.J.-based company prides itself on the sensitivity, high-resolution and quality of images produced by its systems, robust yet easy-to-use software interfaces, and reliability and versatility of its camera family ? that continues to be the benchmark for all other high-speed digital camera manufacturers. For more information, visit www.visionresearch.com. For more information contact: Skip Ferderber Panavision Inc. (Electronic Media Relations) Skip Ferderber & Associates Tel: 425-315-1724 skip.ferderber@skipf1.com Suzanne Lezotte Director of Public Relations Panavision Inc. Tel: 818-427-0116 Suzanne_lezotte@panavision.com
  3. A few days ago, Panavision hosted an open house/party at its Woodland Hills (Calif.) headquarters for the company's annual Panafest event. A number of new products were introduced including the new SSR-1 solid state recorder for the Genesis system, and a new series of anamorphic and zoom lenses for the company's film cameras. Equally as important, however,it was a great party! Take a look at this short video (http://web.mac.com/joshlimor/Panavision_Media), enjoy it, and look for the invitation to next year's party! Skip Ferderber Electronic Media Relations for Panavision Skip Ferderber & Associates (425) 315-1724 skip.ferderber@skipf1.com
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