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  1. I'm in the south-west(ish) area of the UK. We get some nice light from 4am onwards and from about 9-11pm in the summertime. Of course the longest day has already been (solstice) and the best 'light' where the sun has not risen but everything is visible is not really an 'hour' more or less half an hour if you were to be very specific about that 'effect' 'using nd's' - sorry to be ignorant what are nd's? Thanks by the way
  2. I think you missed the point of the thread. Maybe you saw the word 'newbie' and ignored everything else? My post was about the storage of out of date super-8 film, I am not specifically troubled by the "sound" issue at the moment!
  3. I wish to shoot in 'the hours between day and night early in the morning and late in the evening' (lifted from trivia on the IMDB profile of 'Days of Heaven' - which I have never seen btw). I want to shoot from about 4-6am in the summer months (perhaps 9-10pm as well) to capture a feeling of a time between night and day. Any suggestions for film, camera settings etc? Anybody shot at this time before? I have a feeling it will be hard to shoot at this time but I'm willing to give anything a shot - and many times over! Thanks!
  4. I bought 2x 15 meter rolls of Kodachrome 40 SOUND colour movie film (KMA 594P). These have been in a freezer for a long time. They are dated 11/1982. I know its a long shot that they will work satisfactorally (if at all!) but I'll take that chance. Just wondering about storage options. I've had them in the refrigerator for a week. Is it better to move them to the freezer? Thanks, from a complete newbie
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