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  1. Aaton LTR 7 S16mm with an Aaton mount + 2 mags + 2 batteries and accessories + BW video tap. Need revision. Also a Sachtler tripod with fluid head and case. Make offer.
  2. How many labs are still open in NYC to develop 16mm? Thank you
  3. I posted two 16mm shorts shot in color and black and white in the late 90's in France. One is a supernatural thriller and the other one a thriller. Enjoy! My link
  4. Cool short! I like the weirdness of it. My only criticism is the encounter with the creature. The editing was confusing in this part. But the beginning and end was well done.
  5. I posted a western shot a few years ago in Wyoming. Here is the Youtube link if you want to watch it. http://www.youtube.com/user/atomicvisionfilms?feature=mhee
  6. In this current economy people need to laugh or cry. I don't know. Please check this super short if you want to http://www.youtube.com/user/atomicvisionfilms Thank you
  7. Abel Cine has the Penelope for rent in 2 perf or 3 perf configuration.
  8. I agree with you almost totally. And I also wonder if this new Michael Mann is going to be as good as the Dillinger from John Milius. Especially in 30 years from now.
  9. I didn't get any call back. Still waiting. Please let me know if the camera is available or not. Thank you.
  10. I'm interested in this package. I left you a message. I'm not sure you hear my number right. Please call me back at 917-834-8377. Thank you Xavier
  11. Hi, Is there any battery included in the package? thanks
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