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  1. Paralinx ACE Video transmitter system. 1 SDI tx, 2 SDI rx, 1 HDMI rx. 2 BNC cables, 2 HDMI cables. 3 barrel to 2-in power cable, 3 barrel to D-tap power cable. 3 battery plates. 4 Sony NP-970 batteries. Dual charger. 2 power supplies. 2 SDI cables. 2 HDMI cables. 2200USD Buyer pays shipping Placed in Denmark, Europe
  2. ARRI UMC-3A white radio for sale. Hardly ever used. 3100Euros Buyer pays shipment. Paypal payment. Daniel Parmo 1st AC daniel.p@rmo.dk
  3. Following Preston equipment for sale: HU3 G4 w/5 premarked rings, 1 blank, 4 batteries, 1 charger, lanyard VLC G4 w/ 15/19mm mounting bracket Spare antenna DM1x motor w/15mm rod mounting bracket and 19/15mm step-down ring 2 video gears, 1 standard cine gear, 1 wide cinegear Hill PAM bracket (2 screws for the rosette missing) Tool to change gear on motor Cables for Arri(x2), Aaton, RED One, RED Epic and Sony Pelicase 1450 Data cable for updating handset with usb adapter 11500USD 8600Euro Based Denmark, Europe daniel.p@rmo.dk
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