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  1. I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for someone who could repair / tune-up my Steenbeck flatbed (ST-1901) in New York City? It's mostly functional but I'd like to get it 100%. Thanks!!
  2. Wow, Olex - I didn't realize the Kinor label was still putting out some great cameras. (PS Thanks again for all your advice with my CX-2M) Any idea where I might be able to find one of these in the U.S. - to buy or rent?
  3. Hi everybody - I'm planning a slo-mo shot of a firework explosion (one firework, maybe 10-30 seconds total real-time), and I'm wondering if anyone might have suggestions for cameras. I've looked into renting the Phantom HD Gold from Abel's, which can run at about 1000 fps in 1080p - around the max speed we would want - but it's very expensive and also requires a licensed operator. It's not necessarily outside of the budget, but it's pushing it. Right now, we're not set on displaying in 1080p - in fact, we may even display on DVD - so I'm wondering if there might be alternative high speed cameras for less money out there (with less resolution - 720, 480...)? We would still want to keep the frame-rate between 500 and 1000 fps. I've considered shooting on 16mm using a Hycam, but that may become more of a headache than it's worth. It's a live event and we've only got one chance to get it right. thanks, Tyler
  4. Hi - I'm fairly new to film (ironically, transitioning from video), but I'm currently looking into getting a set of primes for my super16 Kinor SX-2M (PL mount). The Optar Illuminas look great to me, and as I'm a happy Russian camera (+ zoom lens) owner, I have faith in an all-Russian rig. I'm just wondering where the Illuminas fall in the scale of sharp to soft lenses. I found this rundown of lens manufacturers on konvas.org: "Sharpest, hardest, downward to warmer, softer-- In my use, only, spherical lenses-- Late Zeiss Late Cooke Fuji Cine Rodenstock Schneider Later Leitz Later Lomo Canon Cine Angenieux earlier Zeiss Cooke Speed Panchro B&H Earlier Leitz earlier Lomo" Ideally, I think I'd like to get something in the middle of the spectrum, for all purpose use - I don't want clinical, but I don't want gauzy. I've read that the Illuminas are comparable to the Zeiss superspeeds. But maybe that comparison is based on the T-stops and coverage rather than the warmth of the lens? Is there any quantifiable lens rating (i.e. lpmm?) that can give me a sense of the sharpness? And should I even be worried about this? (Although, when spending this many rubles, I will worry about whatever I can.) I'm also wondering if anyone has followed up on the few seemingly half price deals on the net for Illumina sets (i.e. ~$7400). I read that these are bait and switch scams. For instance: http://xl1solutions.com/optar_illumina_lenses_are_the_fi.htm Any advice is welcome. Thanks very much! ---- Lens list quoted from this page: http://konvas.org/faq/whats-the-look-and-f...ooke-other.html
  5. Wow, that hybrid system sounds incredible, and exactly the kind of thing I could use right now. I wonder if he can set this up to work with super16. That would be beyond perfect.
  6. Yes, a bit too far of a flight for my private jet. I should have mentioned above, however, that I'm looking for a Steenbeck to purchase! Oops.
  7. Hi - I'm looking for a functional 16mm flatbed editor. Steenbeck, KEM, or Moviola welcome. Any number of plates. I'm located in Philadelphia and I'm hoping to find one I could drive to - somewhere between here, New York to the north, and Washington to the south. Thanks very much! Feel free to PM me if you have one or any possible leads.
  8. Just hoping someone here might have a 400ft Kinor 16 magazine they would like to sell. If not, does anyone know where I might have a chance of finding one? Thanks! (feel free to pm me)
  9. If anybody would consider selling me one of these, I could really use it. PM me! thanks!
  10. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about Russian fluid heads. There's a tripod on eBay right now without much information (item # 290158068157). The seller says its the model 3-HS, and it looks like it must be a fluid head made for Konvas and Kinors. I've also seen russian heads called the "Penguin" on eBay before as well - anybody know anything about those? Thanks!
  11. Just wondering if anyone knew what the difference is between the O'Connor 50 Fluid Head and the 50D model.
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