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  1. hello Anyone can share your experience about Ice-cream product shoot? I m going to shoot ice-cream i have decided to be used arri435 Es (s35-3per)for 150 fps and using skater for movements ,arri pocketpar for illuminate. Im not sure about lens which is make more magnification ratio (masterfram macro100 not available).can u suggest another lens for macro work. can u explain how to setup the studio for working for ice-cream . if im going my way what would be the negative point i have to deal Thanks.
  2. Thanks David, surely , i am more confused about when we doing blowup ,anything will be changed in shadow detail? if nothing is happend my confusion is over. i got the budget like that , so i have decided going through this wayt to 2.40.
  3. hi My next project is shoot on arri416 and endup with 1:2.39 through DI process. Let me have discusion about how the lighting style 1] can i do the lighting setup same as for 35 mm.i mean i would like more contrast lighting ratio, placing shadow more in the scene.2] I had many discusion in our form about 16mm to 35mm ,some people mentioned you have to ask your lab and how much their having experience about this way ( maybe trational blowup] that only u can get the visual result. 3] commonly people are dont like high speed film due to getting more grains the same happend will be appeared in DI process. Finally this method s16 to 1.2.39 will be suitable for my lighting style 1] more shadow but no low key. 2] using half light [90 degree ] key light. I shall be grateful to your tips.
  4. hi, hello everyone, how does work Reverse ramp. I have read some article, before you are going to do R ramp ,u have to change the camera or setup ( not confined, maybe) while the camera is working like 435,435es, let me know , this option available in which camera or can we do in all camera having ramp fesilities. can u suggest any reel of Reverse ramp shot.
  5. hello everybody, i am going to shoot ad commercial in night effect. i heard some messeage panasonic have some warm more than sony . could i get white light even shooting on night itself using hmi.what is the menu setting in color temperature. any body have experince with sdx900 in night sequence.
  6. hello, let me know which is the best camera for exterior in sd format/pal. final output would be beta for broadcast. post your suggestion,exp . plz
  7. Ramesh kumar

    matrix action

    helllo, let me have lesson about matrix action seguence. has it done in camera or post. my qusetion is i got footages in 24 frame, can i do under or over crank after that for projection. offline vs online editing clear lesson can i have. EDL to NEGATIVE CUTTING how it done.
  8. Hi Every one, let me have on idea about ,my corporate video.i need fine international corporate look with high contrast video. i am going to use dvcam dsr450 (kept in mind). already i have used hdv for my last shoot for interior saloon and spa. it game preety good. even i am not satisfied about professional look moreover i fell home video. i didnt used light i got only available light. now i am going to use light (minimum) location i held college interior and exterior.dsr450 work out well for my fell. let me know when i am going to post prodution , i am getting idea from otherproduct in editing area.(maybe it will be editor area).supoose i am going to use color correction what are the software are there, if i am using smoke what are the option are there for color correction,special effects even this type of question i have in mind, how can i get or learn more about this. any recommented site, books ,.etc
  9. Ramesh kumar

    hdx900 to film

    helllo. Now i am appearing with full name followed by our forum rules.can i have suggestion& advice about exterior shoot, filter using.no lights.
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