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  1. I recently got the Encinema35 DOF adapter to use on my Canon HV30 with Canon EF mount lenses, as expected the image is upside down. Is there a cheap option out there to turn it right side up? I know monitors would work but cost around $400 and I don't really want to resort to the ol' mirror-in-front-of-the-LCD-Screen trick. Something pre-made maybe? Less than $200? Is there any such thing?
  2. Thanks guys for all the advice. I guess just like the art of Film itself, there are no real rules to follow when choosing people to work with. The important thing is to trust your heart. Hell, it would be my first film as well, so theres no better trial than a trial by fire. Besides filmmaking is all about experimenting.
  3. I'm pretty familiar with how still photography Light Graffiti is made, yet to animate it and make a video like the one on the link is still out of my grasp. Can someone tell me how to animate light drawings like in the video, i know its probably time lapse, but is it done on a video camera, or still, or is it as simple as editing the pics together and making it into a slideshow???
  4. I really want to get my hands on film, especially 16mm but i dont want to break the bank either..i came across this camera right here for a reasonable price, but i wanna know if any of you know something about it..is it worth buying? Krasnogorsk K-3 16mm movie camera
  5. Hey everyone, i'm an aspiring filmmaker interested in having complete creative control over my films : writing, editing,directing etc.. Though I would love to learn and be my own Cinematographer, i feel that I need someone with their own objective views regarding the lighting and moods needed for any one of my films... Getting to the point, my friend is a great still photographer with an amazing eye, and a knack for capturing the right moment, with the right emotions at the right time (which I think is a DP's most important task) Though I know still photography and film photography may have their own different worlds, I want to know if his skills would translate well onto the moving medium, and if any one of you guys have had this experience or are in fact a converted still photographer. thanks!
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