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    Blackmagic Ursa G2, Sony A7s, A7Rii, Sony PMW 350K, Sony 4K action cam, DJI Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic Pro, DJI Osmo Pro, RedRock one man crew. Nanlite lighting kit.
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  1. Thanks Jon, yes please give my regards to Mark. I'm sure we'll work together again! I can go a lot faster with the drone (about 70km/hr) but don't choose to in most cases, although when I am in a particular location I get those shots "in the can" as well as options for my 4K stock footage business. I was down in the Simpson Desert a couple of days back and was running the drone as low as you can go and it is incredible how that can look incredibly fast without any post tricks. Fast shots are tricky though for excessive motion blur when shooting at 25P. As far as the colours go I'm shooting in a BBC/NHK developed HDR 10 bit format called HLG and I'm very happy with the palette for such a small camera system. Helicopters? Personally we haven't had to call one in for 3 years now. Last time was for a blue chip Netflix nature series "Our Planet" where we needed to use a Shotover at Lake Eyre at 8000 feet, and we will again in a few months for a new Qantas TVC at Uluru, but mostly drones rule the air now!
  2. Thanks Bob, My guess is the speed question is one that would vary by the perception of the viewer and their environment. Here life is slow-paced and a long-lingering look is just fine, but I definitely get your view of it from New Jersey! You're not the first to make that comment. Agreed on the people but I have to work within the legalities of how close we are allowed to bring drones to humans, so hands tied there. As an afterthought on the speed question one of my last big jobs was with Werner Herzog on his new feature doc "Nomad" and he is a big fan of the long duration shot! Maybe I've caught something!
  3. Clearly I haven't embedded this file correctly, but can't find a way to delete or edit!
  4. I'm relatively new to drone (18 months) but have found that once you have learned the controls it simply becomes another "tool in the box", another way of placing your lens in different or unusual places. I have a passion for landscape and enjoy trying to tweak the HLG (HDR) format to its full potential. Still learning but enjoying the ride. https://vimeo.com/335046212
  5. Personally I can't stand square which is why it took me so long to get onto Instagram (doesn't matter now of course!) Most of my work is in the outback of Australia. I spent 25 years as Cinematographer before I finally tried stills about 4 years back. My greatest fear is a client who wants me to shoot vision and stills "side by side" on the same job! Sunny days by Chris Tangey, on Flickr Precision by Chris Tangey, on Flickr Man of vision by Chris Tangey, on Flickr Nulla bored by Chris Tangey, on Flickr The Princess and the Pragmatist by Chris Tangey, on Flickr Art for art's sake. by Chris Tangey, on Flickr
  6. This tiny drone folds up to about half the size of a milk carton and weighs under 1kg. and can do 65km per hour speed. I added filters mainly to bring the shutter speed down to 1/50 @25P as it has a fixed F2.8 aperture.
  7. No, not really George it is what it is. I actually like to think of it as a hybrid combo that works better than having a Canon body on it. I'm not a purist so I have no issues working with non-primes, but then I have always shot for the average Joe never for the purists anyway. Bottom line is if I make a viewer feel something I've done my job I guess! Thanks for the kind comment.
  8. Each to their own Brenton, and a shame your experience was tainted by the occupation you had at the time. Maybe its time for another encounter...and bring the camera this time!
  9. Just a quick spin around Australia using mainly the Sony A7S with Canon L series lenses, also used is the Red Rock Micro OMC slider.
  10. Gustavo, I am a little confused with where this thread is going. You asked what the camera was like but since then we've heard nothing else from you. As your question is a bit like "How long is a piece of string?" I then asked "Any particular questions you have?" but have had no response. What will you be using it for mainly? "Thoughts" on what aspects of the PMW-350? Are you thinking of getting the K version with the Fujinon lens, or are you buying/supplying another?
  11. My experience Saul is you wouldn't want to go past 9db on the 350, of course if the shot allows you still have shutter settings to play with for lower light situations. I'd go wherever on gain shooting news, for instance I had to get a shot of an alleged Murderer being transferred to the other side of the country and stopping here for a refuel, the police plane landed and I had to bump up to 18db to get him walking across the tarmac. Pretty noisy, but that's news! I think the 350 goes "up" to 48db, but it's so laughable I haven't even looked for the setting. The jury's out on CCD vs CMOS, both have advantages and disadvantages. I am warming to the CMOS though, it can be quite filmic with the right lighting.
  12. Saul, I think you are confusing cameras. The unit we are referring to is 2/3" and records on SxS cards not on disks. See: http://pro.sony.com/bbsc/ssr/product-PMW350K/
  13. Hmmm, Silly me, just realized I posted a url weeks ago and there were no complaints so here it is!
  14. Gustavo, I've had one for 5 months now and am very happy. Mind you I also bought a nanoflash unit so have upgraded the potential somewhat. But even out of the box it produces beautiful images, the purpose-built Fujinon 16 X lens that comes with the "K" version is surprisingly good. Even the Fujinon 0.7 wide converter is better than I expected, especially for the price. Any particular questions you have? I'll be happy to answer. I don't often visit this forum so I'm not sure on the rules for URLs but I have some test footage up on vimeo you might like to look at. If you just google: vimeo and my name it will come up.
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