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  1. Thanks guys for the great answers! I think I'm going to go wit the cheaper mf primes from nikkor. That seems ideal for what I'm doing.
  2. Forgive me if this has already been answered. I posted this on another forum and didn't get an answer. I think I'm going to buy a Canon rebel t2i. But I'm wondering where to get some prime manual focus lenses on a budget. I know the best ones are the Zeiss compact primes but they are really expensive. So my question is: where can I get some good but cheap manual focus primes that fit the rebel t2i and what sizes should i get. Also if I'm buying lenses should I save money by getting the body only or should I get the one with the lens. Thank you in advance from a noob.
  3. See that sounds more expensive and difficult than I thought. I was thinking you could get the camera for around 500. At those prices I could get a good digital rig. Is 16mm the same price as S8mm and easier? I would have never thought that.
  4. Forgive me if this thread seems unnecessary or in the wrong place. I was confused as to which thread to post this. I make movies for my church and I use a canon GL2 and Adobe cs5 production premium. I'm not very skilled in the ways of photography but I get by. We are planning a new movie that is kind of a homage to the twilight zone(i love that show). So not only do I want the look of an old b&w film, but I want to at least try my hand at film. I need a S8 camera that is clear but retains the look I want. Here are my concerns: Can I record sound separately or is the camera to loud? Does it cost too much money for film? I've seen people add rails and create camera rigs with digital LCD screens. How hard is that? Is it hard to keep in focus? Can I operate the camera by myself? Do I need to add different lenses? Will I be able to sync sound in premiere? Should I shoot with my GL2 at the same time just encase? How much will a good camera cost and where should I buy one? I automatically want to think it's as easy as shooting with my GL2 but I know I'm wrong. So how hard is it? Should I really bother? MAybe I should just buy one to practice with all summer and if I don't like it I can re-sale it. Thanks for the help.
  5. Looking to get some experience editing Film Trailers so I will be editing them for free if you’re interested, here is one I made for my own film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVgZlQ8BXjM...re=channel_page
  6. $168.95 for one lamp?! If it come with three of four i would get it.
  7. See, I'm just a newb, I didn't even know that item existed. What would be the cheapest yet most professional set up for me to get?
  8. Is there something specific you would recommend Gaff taping them to?
  9. I can only afford to use Work lights from home depot. What would you guys use to hang the work lights? I've clamped them on to chairs, tripods, and more, they always fall off or restrict me from placing them where i want them. Is there anything i can build or buy that works better. Any suggestions?
  10. I got this Mic from my Church: http://www.sennheiserusa.com/newsite...transid=004513 Any use? I can't afford a shot gun Mic. I plugged this puppy in and tested, but the Sound is kind of low. I have a adapter cable to make the cable longer and i heard somewhere if you use tape on it, it will sound better? http://img3.musiciansfriend.com/dbas...0/6/415506.jpg Any suggestions on how to get the best sound out of this thing and if it's worth it?
  11. James Burns

    Canon GL1 Help!

    I have a Canon GL1 that i shoot my movies with. It has worked fine up until a while ago when i shot footage with it that didn't show up when i played it back. My problem is this: every time i press the record button it seems to work, then when i go to review the footage its not there, like i never even shot it. My question is: Did i press a wrong button or something?! Has this happened to anyone before?! Is my Camera broke and if so can it be fixed?! I'm in the dark on this one, please help!
  12. Here is a film i just finished, tell me what you think: http://www.wsnproductions.com/index.php?wnp=comingsoon Be honest!
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