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  1. I am not a film maker so, please excuse the intrusion. I have been researching my question, and cannont seem to find a comprehensive answer. So...I am asking on this forum. Here are the details: I recently shot and edited a feature length amateur movie in Paris France and London England, as well as Toronto and Ottawa in Canada. There were 4 principle actors, and a script. We discretely shot the scenes wherever we felt like on city streets, airports, art galleries (where camera's were allowed), and hotels. We included whatever, and whoever happened to be in the shot. The project was a personal hobby, not intended for the profit. We were just a family of tourists, shooting little scripted creative scenes here and there in different parts of the world. The movie has been edited and finished. The music is original, and there is no copyright danger. However, even thought this is a personal project to be viewed by friends and family, and not intended for professional use, or for any sort of profit what so ever...what kind of legal trouble can I expect, if this video is shown to the public. ie, posted on a personal website? (not YouTube...although, I can't control if someone else decides to put it out there). Your guidance is appreciated. Any legal references you can direct me to would be appreciated. Jeff
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