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  1. Can anyone tell me what do we mean by : "Pink Revision" and "Blue Revision" contact me at : joeastor@hotmail.com Sofiane Merouani ;)
  2. Hello Justin, Nice to meet you My name's Sofiane (pronounce : "Sofian") and I live in Algeria, and my dream is to become a filmmaker and screenwriter, actually I'm just newcomer in this site which I find real interesting. As far as your script (rough draft) is concerned, yes, I actually like it, keep it up. I now writing the script about Halloween 9.5 the next installement of Halloween franchise. I reached today the 67th page and my screeplay will be available into four main version: Theatrical Release, Director's Cut, Tv Alternate and "Complete and Unabreged" --- Here is my e-mail adress : joeastor@hotmail.com I will send you my rough draft as soon as possible. Look forward to hearing from you. Sofiane Merouani. B)
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