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  1. Good morning, I'm currently working on my PhD, and the topic is, as must be obvious, cinematography. I'm having a bit of trouble with aspect ratios. On several occasions, the specs on imdb and American Cinematographer don't match. DP's will say the aspect ratio is 2.40:1 and Imdb will list it as 2.39:1 - there are some instances of confusion between 2.39:1 and 2.35:1, such as in the Harry Potter franchise. Is 2.40 a round-up of 2.39 as I've read in the net? I find this strange because I've read it justified as "2.39 being too difficult to remember". We can remember the exact chroma subsampling and menu configurations and the shutter angle or f-stop of a thousand shots - DPs can remember 2.39 without any problem. At first I thought it could be that they shot 2.35 for 2.39 extraction or the other way round, since the first incongruencies were between those two aspect ratios. But as I go through more and more films, it seems to happen mainly between 2.39 and 2.40. Are they different formats? Is imdb just wrong? What's going on here? Any help is appreciated. Regards, N
  2. Good morning, I'n currently working some research, and I'm trying to find out what some films where shot with (camera, lenses), on (film stocks, digita...) and their postproduction process. Some I have covered by reading through American Cinematographer, but plenty were not included in the magazine. Does anybody know where I could get this information? Imdb is not a good option, I cross-referenced some of their information with the ASC magazine and it wasn't accurate. Im struggling to find a reliable source. If it helps, I'm only working with films shot during the past 15 years. I'm not looking for anyone to do my homework for me! It's info my PhD research, I'm happy to do the work. Just need some pointers, to know where to look. Regards, Nadia
  3. I am currently working with an Arri 535B and it's usual coaxial magazines. It's a 35mm weekend course for cinematography students and it's their first time loading and threading. We have had some film jam problems within the magazine, to a point that now the film will not pull through. Although it does have a bright sticker that says "do not open", I was wondering if anyone had any diagrams as to how to access the internal mechanism to be able to clean it. I haven't found anything in any of the manuals I have and from the 535B there only seems to exist a Quickguide, not a full manual like with other models such as de 435. Any help would be appreciated.
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