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  1. It doesn't matter as Super 8 negative cartridges are available from Pro8MM in Burbank and they use the same cartridge type.
  2. I wish I could get this camera: http://www.logmar.dk/
  3. Matt: Thanks for the repsonse. I'd like to use Kodak BW reversal stock 7266 (plusx). Based on my Sankyo XL-40S and your experience would 1/3 overexposure be correct to get footage as close to a normal shoot? Thanks in advance Rich
  4. Hi: I have a Sankyo XL-40S super eight camera (4 of them) and I've decided to shoot using the newer super 8 stocks. My question is, is there a kodachrome 40 equivalent I can use without having to worry about adjusting my f-stop? also, when using newer reversal film stocks (not designed for older super camera) how should I compensate with my light meter? I'd like to use Kodak super8 reversal black and white 7266. With no guillotine shutter, and having a prism I assume I'm losing some portion of light and should compensate? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks Rich Union City, NJ
  5. Hi: My name's Richard Rivera, Union City, New Jersey, USA. I just managed to buy 3 identical Super 8 cameras for under a $100. All working and in great shape. They're Sankyo XL-40S. I have a Sekonic meter from college but I have no idea how to set the light meter in relation to the camera's shutter speed. How can I determine the correct shutter speed on this camera? Anyone have any idea how I can accurately use a light meter with this unit? Thanks in advance! Rich
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