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  1. Hi, hope everything is fine. Just wondering if any of you had experience with them. I can not find any review around the internet. I have asked for 3 M8 and they said they can give me just one M8 plus two of those K5600 Alpha 800w. I am not the most experienced DOP out there, I have to say it. But I am not just at the beginning neither. I am just starting again after a period of taking care of other things. I have one question: is it ok to mix lights? Even though they are all HMIs I find that having the same architecture (all Arri OR all K5600) makes the work easier. Of cou
  2. Hi John, nice job and nice to meet you here! I was looking for some hints on lighting and I found your name in the main page :) So, I watched the short which is great. I like the close-ups on TV at the beginning, I would have been even harder on tv pixels. I am curious about the last zoom-in, I like it a lot, did you want to mimic TV style zoom? Much to learn from you. Your First AC was great! Say hi to him!
  3. Hi, I recently used a wdr35 adapter for nikon-canon lens. I used it with a JVC GY 200. Soon I will post some stills. In the meanwhile, post something, bad or good news, problem you may had... Thanks and see u soon! ALEX :)
  4. Well, it is not a no-budget production, it is actually about 1000$ cheers ALe
  5. Hi cinematographers! Three weeks ago I have posted a thread about "experience vs. school". I decided for the experience way. And this is my first work as DOP. I was also director, but that was for a lack of money :) I would be glad to receive some feedback from you. What I am posting is a kind of first exercise for me. I attach also a snap from that night! http://www.assembledinpolesine.net/thirdki...raf/tortaeb.mov Thanks in advance to whom will give me some opinions! bye ALe
  6. Hi cinematographers. I am looking for someone to chat with about cinematography in general, and about film industry. I would do this because I am preparing myself for going to US (for study). And I need to chat in english, as from where I live it is impossible to speak with someone about cinematography, moreover, in english! Secondly, I must prepare my TOEFL, so... A bit of training on my preferred matter! I hope someone of you will have some time to waste! :rolleyes: bye! ALe
  7. Ok, now I have an opinion on this matter. I guess that I will take the experience way. I will probably look for a position as assistant, PA, as suggested by many of you. In the meantime I will try to work by myself. By the way I will post soon a thread in an other section where I will ask you to give a critic to my first work: a commercial. At the same time I will try to win a "borsa di studio", a big amount of money given to young students who are willing to study in the US. therefore I must prepare the TOEFL. Next friday. It is approaching! Thanks to all of you. ;)
  8. Ok, What I see is: If you go to school nothing will guarantee that you will succeed in film industry. The same works for the experience path. I got what I want. The answer is: IF you are talented/skilled/hard worker and so on then you COULD also succeed in film industry without school, throughout experience on set. School is not indispensable.
  9. Hi Mike, I am not an expert, nor a cinematographer (not yet), but to me, it looks wonderful. I just wonder how much time it took to you to have a so nice/big reel. Bye ALEX
  10. Hi, I am new here, and I am new to cinematography. But, let me say something: WOW! I do not know how you did it, I just know that I would like to be as good as you are. Nice colors, and nice how the bulbs are exposed. Congratulations.
  11. You are right. I looked for, and I have found plenty of information. I just wanted to pourpose a question that suited me more. Thanks to all of you. In particular to Adrian and Chris. bye Alex
  12. Yes, you are right. The fact is that I am not sure of which school to apply... I come from Italy and , in any case, it would be an exodus. That is why I am looking for opinions on: "is it usefull to go to film school?"
  13. I quote you Jonathan but I would like to quote everybody before saying: Thanks to everybody for your cortesy. In particular to David, Ignacio and Jonhatan. Bye ALex
  14. Hi everybody. As I am a photographer who looks for a carreer in cinematography, I start to wonder: should I get to school? Or should I listen to Q. Tarantino's statement : "Did'nt get to school, did get to film"? It sounds like, "(litterally) If you analyse movies, you do not need to go to school". And again, it sounds like "It does not matter if you get to school. What is important are the natural/native skills you have". I know that everyone is different, but I still wonder. At the end, it is a matter of money. I would like to apply for a 8 weeks workshop at the NYFA, but, I am a non U
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