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  1. Gear is at a shop in southeast, US thats offloading some inventory. Listed here and some on Ebay. Thought I would pass along here. Contact me at mirror image pictures AT gmail DOT com or call 818 Five Eight Four 6243. I'm familiar with the equipment and can speak mostly for its condition and quality, so feel free to reach out with any questions and Make Some Offers. SUPPORT - O'Connor 2060HD Head (Mitchell) with Handle, Euro Base, Quick Plate, ATA Case - $7000.00 - O'Connor Cine HD Standard or Baby Sticks (Mitchell or Bowl) with Spreader (Ground or Mid) and Tuffpak Case - $1500.00 (3 Se
  2. Ok I called flight systems and they couldn't help me. They did suggest something to convert 120V to 12V and then use a pure sine wave inverter. I've looked up the inverters and the pricing is a little steep on the 2000+ watt units (twice the cost of my generator). Still, I would need a 12V source (such as a battery). So where can I find a 120V to 12V converter that can then run to these inverters? That way I could run an outlet off the genny dedicated for HMI's and run them off the inverter.
  3. Basically I'm asking what kind of add on is needed for a typical generator to run HMI lamps safely and where to get it. What is more important for regulating? Frequency or Voltage?
  4. Im looking for a governor add-on for putt putts. I've heard of Barber-Coleman units but couldn't find a link to anything online. Can any of you guys point me in the right direction for finding something to regulate voltage/amps/hertz for gennys in order to run HMI's properly. thanks
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