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  1. Hey guys, Here is a link to my reel: http://www.vimeo.com/10449125 Just looking for any ideas/criticism/slander you might have for me. Best, Cale Erickson
  2. Thank you so much for all of your experienced input. I had a feeling it would be a "day of" problem, but I am a person who likes to be prepared and has a hard time saving much for "day of" prep. Of course, this is film, and it happens all the time anyways. All your ideas are great and I will implement all of them, I know and hope it is going to come down to strategic placement. Wish me luck and thanks again! Cale
  3. Hello, I am shooting a night exterior, Steadicam shot that requires a couple HMI Pars lined up in the street. At one point in the shot, the camera approaches the window and sees the action taking place, briefly, in the house. My question is this: How can I see through a window without seeing the reflections of my lights? I have heard several options forthis. One is the possibility of avoiding the reflections by placement of the lights. Problem with this is I can't afford a test with ALL my lights and wont know until I'm on set. I have taken a few out there, but can't afford to do all of them. I cannot remove the glass from the window pane. I have also heard of non-reflective filters/gel, but have done research and found nothing. Can anybody provide some expertise on this, any help is appreciated! Thank you so much for your time.
  4. I'm currently a student filmmaker, and let's be honest, this is where the majority of the horror stories are. Anways, we're shooting an action film, a rather ambitious action film for budget and time. I think 4 Los Angeles locations in one day was our record and our average. If you get what I'm putting down. I operated camera, working with a good (but slow) DP, and a 1st AC who is one of those guys that doesn't know how to find work, or even take a damn camera off my shoulder. Resulting in me deserving a 1 AC credit as well. Excuse my ranting... We were shooting in the San Gabriel mountains and had to climb down the mountain for a stunt where a man was jumping off a cliff into the water. To the point, we got 7 of us to stand chest deep in freezing water (mid-January), and pass the non-cased JVC HD 250U with a rented 40,000 dollar lens setup across the river. The director then wanted to rig a line that the camera could follow the stuntman off the cliff. With no thought of mentioning this or preproduction work, the DP and I drew the line. I will never forget shooting knee-deep in freezing water, soaking wet after crossing the river. There are plenty more stories from this set alone.
  5. I thought this was quite interesting. It just touches on some of his thoughts as a Cinematographer, but doesn't go into too much detail. I have a tremendous amount of respect for this man, and I'm sure you do too. Hope you enjoy this brief little interview. P.S. Reveals his desire to direct too...intriguing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ER0b0zKNzKY
  6. It would appear that way. Before I became a member, the search engine was not an option. I didn't find anything significant because I was slowly thumbing through 79 pages of lighting. Now that I created an account, I can use the handy tool. Sorry to bother.
  7. Hey guys, So I have been searching for a post on light meters, and hadn't found any. Excuse me if I missed one. I was just wondering what light meters you would recommend purchasing. I dont really have a price range, but I'm just looking for the best bang for my buck. I appreciate your advice. -Cale Erickson
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