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  1. Hi, I was shooting a music video last week using P2 with original lens. Most of my shot are running at 50fps. And shuttle speed at 1/25. I noticed especially on close up high speed, there are motion blur. Can anyone explain what is actually happen? Did I set the shuttle speed wrong? By the way it was the camera technician set the camera as I was not too sure about the setting. For the normal speed footage was good.
  2. Thank you so much for the advices. I should start doing these method soon. I have 2 music video shoot coming this month, so I guess I can try to do some beauty shot there. If the board and story allowed.
  3. Thank you Mr Ram. To get the highlight, which direction should the light coming from? which is better, direct strong light or strong soft light? And how do I know there is enough highlight or too much. How can I get the correct exposure? What I mean by lighting face is about beauty. Sorry I did not describe it in detail. What if I would to light the model in beauty shot. What is the filters or gels that you think I can use to get the nice soft lighting.
  4. Can you tell me or advice me how can archive the best results shooting hair and beauty? What is the best way to light hair? How about the exposure for hair and face? what are the film stock you advice to use? Is there anything else I should know about before I start shooting this type of Tvc? Thank you in advance for the advice.
  5. Hi Reto, I am dop from Malaysia. I would like to be a dop on your project. Here are my work http://kelvinkeehoe.multiply.com Thank you! kelvin
  6. Hi , you can try to kelvinkeehoe.multiply.com to see if you like my work. I always have big interest to do in feature, I mostly do Tvc. Regards, kelvin
  7. To become dp, you must start learning to know the equipments first. And speak the filming language. So the best thing is to become part of the crew, either lighting or camera department. To become dp from lighting or camera department, each of them have their own strong field.
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