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  1. Hello all, I shot this a while back, but would appreciate some honest feedback and critique. This was my last work on a DVX/lens adapter combo. Here's the video: http://vimeo.com/4838167
  2. Chayse, there are some really compelling shots in here! I really loved the couple of shots with the young girl on the swing. Well done!
  3. Hello all, This short titled "Thief Jerky" was made for a 48 Hour film festival. I'd greatly appreciate some feedback! Here's the link: http://vimeo.com/4838167
  4. Hello all, I've been planning setups for a music video I'm shooting next weekend. Towards the end of the video we have a shot that consists of several cars in a circular formation around the band playing. This shot will take place at night in a pretty good sized open area. The car lights will be on, lighting the band. We have a wide shot of the entire setup, and POVs from inside the cars looking out. My question is: with multiple car lights on, how will this affect my exposure and the band? We're on a tight budget so if the lights are too hot, what kind of steps can I take to stop them down? Also, when shooting the POVs from the backseat and rear window of a car driving away from the circle, I was planning on throwing up a couple HMIs with 1/2 CTO to try and get down to 4300k. I'd like to bring up the background a bit, but if the car lights are on, will it make a difference? I imagine the brightness of the lights will flare up quite a bit and could potentially block some of the frame. Thanks!
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