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  1. Hi All I'm shooting with 7219 under a blacklight. Do I need a UV filter over the lens to prevent the film from fogging? Thanks
  2. Hi all. I have never used super 8 in my life. That being said, I've seen some videos online of super 8 with a Kowa anamorphic lens. I would love an anamorphic look for a music video I'm shooting but i can't seem to find much information for super 8 anamorphic. Anyone know of any places in the city that rent Kowa? We will be shooting with the Beaulieu 9008, with 7219. Also any tips for a super 8 newbie would be greatly appreciated
  3. I'm in a similar situation, and I want that intense flickering effect of an old dying fluorescent bulb. What are some ways of doing this? Thanks
  4. Hey Gus, thanks for the reply. I understand a lot of what your saying. I realized while shooting and while watching the footage I have a lot to learn about where to put lights and how to use a particular unit in a certain situation. The scene in the theater where the character is rehearsing for a play, I tried my hardest to keep as much light off his shirt and keep in on his face as much as possible using nets, but the dark skin and white shirt turned out to be bad news. Next time i'll use a smaller fixture so i can control it more. In terms of the wide angle on the HVX. I agree with you, I hate to use it, especially when photographing people, but the director was dead set on having some distortion in that scene, especially on the medium of the kid. I tried to explain that it would look prettier if we went tighter, but he wouldn't have it so I gave in. By the way, that wasn't a set, it's an actual apartment in Bushwick. Personally, I like the use of the wide and the unlimited depth of field in the opening shot and the wide of the theater. I was also all the way wide in the end bathroom scene. The scene in the swanky, bar we're not seeing a chimera in his glasses, it's an inky with some diffusion on it. I caught it and we have most takes without it, I just missed it while assembling the montage. What kind of unit should I use for more selective low key situations? I see what your saying about the bar in the foreground being too bright compared to her. I'm glad you brought it to my attention, I should notice those things. For the bathroom scene, there is a lot more of the floating in and out that you mentioned. It's about a 7 minute scene with a ton of long beats and the camera goes all over the place i assure you, It's just not all in the montage. Your right that the turn of the mirror takes too long. I could have made it more dynamic. Anyway, I appreciate you taking the time to look at this and offer your critiques. This was exactly what i was looking for. Not an SVA shoot, New York Film Academy. I was asked to shoot it a couple weeks before and it was a pretty crazy shoot. Thanks again. -Chris
  5. Hi all, Just recently shot a short, and compiled a few clips. Would love some feedback on the lighting/composition etc. Shot on hvx 720p 24pn http://anthonycafaro.com/christophercafaro...sden620x360.mov Thanks! -Chris
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