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  1. Does anyone know if it is possible to change the lens info displayed in the viewfinder from Metric to Imperial?
  2. For sale: Like new (Purchased for a special shoot and only used once), Eyedirct Mark II TTL/interview rig (an analog "Interrotron"), which can also be converted into a traditional prompter with an iPad. This kit is identical to the one Eyedirect is selling new for $1,740. You can read all about the kit at http://eyedirect.tv/product/mark-ii-with-foam-fitted-rolling-travel-case/ $1,250 Local LA delivery available OOT Buyer responsible for shipping and fees email: andreaswood@me.com
  3. Interesting article, Brian. I was about to post that I think the EX-3 must have some sort of composite plastic when I saw your post... it might be something like the fiberglass reinforced plastic mentioned. I say this because I have owned an EX-3 for almost two years now and, although I'm not abusive on gear, it has seen a fair amount of travel and use (and incidentally, Bwana, although I was also initially a little concerned about the bodies durability... it has performed flawlessly and consistently). Anyway, there are some areas on the camera body where the top layer of plastic has been scratched or worn away revealing a silvery under-layer of what I at first thought was aluminum but certainly could be fiberglass.
  4. Not without a 35mm adapter like a Letus, Redrock, etc. However, if you had one of those with a PL mount and a Bayonet to PL adapter it might work. I'm assuming your lenses are 35mm (16mm would probably still work... but you would obviously have to zoom in on the ground glass quite a bit). I know there are alternate mounts available for most adapters but I have not seen any with a Bayonet mount.
  5. Did you select the wide angle option in the camera menu? It's called "Wide Conversion" and is in the CAMERA SET menu.
  6. Try Abel-CineTech in Burbank: http://www.abelcine.com/store/home.php I'm pretty sure they rent both the EX-1 and the Mini-35. Perhaps they can help you out.
  7. Here's something: http://www.cinematography.com/forum2004/in...showtopic=20298
  8. Hey, fist time posting on this forum. So, ummm.... please be gentle. :P No budget for 35mm? Right (you were kidding weren't you?). While I have no personal knowledge of what they used on the Usher shoot I have worked with this filter in the past and achieved similar results: http://www.vantagefilm.com/file/pdf/equipment_24.pdf Quite pricey as I remember but pretty convincing. I believe there are some old threads discussing this topic somewhere on this forum.
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