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  1. Looking for a nice 24mm to complete my set, thank you. JF
  2. Here's the link to the sale on Ebay, only 8 hours left. It's in perfect working condition and is a very good price. Thanks, Joe Fitz http://www.ebay.com/itm/321292886910?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  3. Hello all... So I bought this a few years ago for some doc work where I needed to operate on very little power in Haiti. It worked well for a few months but was always a pain in the ass. switches would fail, the ballast would take a few minutes to warm up before the light would turn on, etc. Gekko Technologies eventually went out of business and another company in the UK bought all of their old stock, I sent my flying ballast to them for ANOTHER REPAIR and it was gonna be another $500 on top of several other repairs I've had to make on top of the 3000 purchase price. So I told them to keep it. This Lenslite ended up being a lemon and I want it out of my life. Here's where you come in, who want's the parts? Does anyone own a functioning one of these and want parts? it's all aluminum wit high quality LED's, fisher connectors, AC power supply, 15mm rod mount, two filter trays. If you want it you can have it for shipping cost, I think a medium USPS flat rate shipping box will do it. Let me know. Best, Joe Fitz
  4. i've recently seen both film's and loved them both. The handheld camea work in both cases impressed upon me and intence personal involvemant with the characters in the space (small space - french new wave, "Brethless"). I can understand some peoples's irritation by shakeyness, however i find when i have an awareness of the camerawork regardless of its dynamics ultimately it's due to my inability to connect with the story...not the other way around. I was able to relate to both of these stories\characters enough to not be distracted by the camera movemant. Also, in the audio commentary of Half Nelson, the Writer and Director discuss their desired use of long lenses and close-ups, they were inspired by the work of a documentarian named Frederick Wiseman. pleasure, Joe Fitz
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