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  1. I don't like the term 180degree line because it simply isn't there. It's not a line. It's not a geometric shape... For this reason I call it an eyeline. It isn't determined by camera placement, or by actor blocking. It is determined by where the characters are looking. If you are standing there having a conversation with 2 other people, when they are talking, you are on one side of them. You remain on this side if you or they stand still. So it makes sense that Person A (to your left) talking to person B (to your right) is looking at person B, then they are facing to the right of you... camera
  2. For a night driving scene, I just parked the car facing a white wall. This provided great bounce light. Then I pulled another car behind it to get the proper light reflecting on the actor from the mirrors. Then I had some crew run in front of the lights of the car the actor was in, and in front of the car parked behind the actor. I also had the actor move ever so slightly as they were acting out the scene giving the look of vibration. The camera shot was from the passenger side and it was too dark out the drivers side window to see anything and the slight movement of light on the actor dre
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