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  1. HI there i am trying to find an inexpensive 35mm or 40mm 50mm lens in either arri standard mount or bayonet mont (to test an arri 2C) , i am looking ebay etc..but most of the time the auction won't tell of the lens is made for the 16mm format or if would cover the 35mm format . is there a quick way to tell from the way it look ? or perhaps by the lens name serie ( from various zeiss - schneider - cook)? thanks a lot g
  2. thanks guys keep the ideas coming ! (meaning if someday already had figured out a 3rd party vendor (exact model that would work ) please let me know! thanks g
  3. hi there does anyone know where i could find a Arri SR belt (the one on the front attached to the motor) at a reasonable price ?(wondering if contacting Arri is the only hope it or if there are 3rd party solution ) my belt seems to be old and might break soon (see attachment (had 2 cameras which broke the belt recently after 7-8 years of no running , the one i am using now i think is making a bit of extra noise because not a tight as should be perhaps ..)) thank you all g
  4. http://www.filmferrania.it watch the video , they are trying to keep film alive (2 days left) g
  5. ouch ... i guess we lost the opportunity ... ps: do you still have the Log scan ? in case they get green light for sharing (when/if you have the time)... (and even though would be dusty ...) by the way , do you think that the PTR issue , only affected the quantity of dust on that scan ? thanks g
  6. terrific , thanks perry do you think that when you PTR rollers are replace you can scan it again and perhaps upload a 2K prores LT version (the whole thing would be 3.6 GB , if that is an issue i guess you could upload 1/2 of it ) . I would love to see it LOG 2K . ps: still haven't developed those tools that i am going to be sending you soon for scanning ... thanks! g
  7. ps: sorry , in the above post i meant to say ""scanstation"" (since scanty does not have s8 gate...) g
  8. Thanks perry , what machine did you use? Lasse : since all this looks very promising i would ask/recommend/suggest to make available some properly scanned 2k samples (data scanned (not telecine) , perhaps using scanity?) in a prores format (in Log format ( and color corrected if you want). since the image is stable and sharper than usual s8 i would like to see how it cuts with different media and how it looks on a 42" and up screen , i think this can seriously be considered a replacement for 16 for some circumstances ... hope you can make it happen thanks g
  9. terrific , now S8 can be used as an alternate format for a subtle look , rather than be way too stylized . 1 question though : why so many scratches and dust ? is is something that is related to post House ? or perhaps the registered mechanism is scratching the film ? quite honestly a just shot roll of negative film should not be in such bad shape ... thanks g
  10. can any modern film scanner deal with 2 perf? thanks g
  11. sure but guys ..come on ... try to understand what i am saying .... sure , there must be some SRIII in good shape or Aaton minima... but first , those video assist are truly terrible ( mostly ntsc and black and white ) second they are heavily used (10+ years ...) i go to ebay from time to time and everything that is no SRIII ( meaning SR or SRII) feels incredibly used and as said above video assist is bad ... in here i was trying to feed the idea to get a Krasnogorsk-3 ( http://www.k3camera.com ) but with LESSE concept (battery, Crystal sync, hd color video assist and audio ) ... Well looks like no one wants it ...so they probably won't consider it ... (i am a bit amazed actually how so many have jumped in to say NO! ... , i still think you have no point because a Krasnogorsk-3 but with LESSE concept does not exist ... anyway
  12. all those cameras won't have a video assist and Audio recorder and christen sync ....
  13. sure , but would be different 2 years ago , when good digital camera still costed over 20K , so a steady S8 with 13 stops would be attractive, now there are very good digital cameras that shoot RAW LOG , with 13 stops of DR and in over 2K resolution ... for couple of thousands USD (and let;s be honest S8 can be scanned in 2K but feels like have the details of 1K anyway ) I think that a serious "large" production (meaning the whole production ) won't go S8 anyway (also because is very hard to find a good place to scan it ( for example the re ZERO places that can do serious LOG DATA SCAN in NEW YORK CITY (plenty for S16 and 35mm) S8 is unique and perfect for certain applications ,and i love it , but all i am saying is super16 can be easily considered an option against any other format available today . Anyway , i hope LESSE will consider a S16 or 35mm relatively soon. ( something of the size of an Arri IIC would be amazing) g
  14. Plus , i have the feeling that film is coming back ...people are getting tired of the soulless approach of shooting digital ... even in Hollywood there are a plenty of movies that has been shot on film after the digital try ( Scorsese (wolf of wall street ) , The new Spiderman ... many really ( the new big HBO "true detective" ...they are all 35mm...) g
  15. that is why i am saying that if LESSE will build a S16 camera with the same principles will have the attention of people who shoot indie film and such ... and not only S8 enthusiasts ... g
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