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  1. What do you experts think about Benedict Neuenfels' cinematography in The Counterfeiters? I don't think I've ever seen a Holocaust film that has used this visual style before - grainy, indie, choppy, docu-drama look. Is there a name for it? I enjoyed the film very much. The films that have made out of Austria have been unusual, sophisticated, and dark, i.e. Michael Haneke and now Ruzowitzky. There was always an underlying sense of irony and dark humor throughout the film, and the moral issues were dealt in a more sophisticated, rather than sentimental way.
  2. I am 99% sure that there must be some desolate locations near you. Drive around, go into unfrequented nooks, wander around with any sense of direction or planning... that usually does the trick. ;) If you're David Lean and has a massive budget, go to Central Asia. But really, I think in our historical age we have plenty of post-apocalyptic locations all over the world.
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