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  1. Hello everyone, Well my parents are letting me go to the New York Film Academy summer camp, and it's very expensive so I don't want to chose the wrong program. I am not quite sure whether film or digital would be more beneficial. The film description seems a little more detailed, but that might not meen anything. I was originally set on film, but my parents thought it might be a good idea to take digital, since it might be a little more useful. I asked my art teacher at school, but he really had no clue what to tell me.. So would you recommend film or digital? Also, does anyone have any ideas as to why the film program is 1000 dollars more? Thanks so much for the advice!
  2. Hello, Well I've been stuck in my house with a cold for a few days, so the only thing I am willing to do is watch movies. So I was just wondering what everyones top 5 films were, so I could have some new movie ideas.. Here are mine: American History X Shawshank Redemption Philadelphia Schindler's List Fight Club Thanks, Alex
  3. Hello, My name is Alex, and I am currently a highschool student. I am very interested in film, and I watch movies constantly. I would like to further my knowledge in everything to do with film, but I don't exactly know how to go about it. I've been reading some websites, but I really don't know how to begin. Are there any books I should be reading, or should I just get out there with my camera, and start shooting? Any help would be appreciated, Alex B
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