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  1. I have an Optex converted 150-600 Canon. Looking for a used Microforce controller. I don't need the motor. Thanks! -Tom
  2. Jim- Thanks for taking the time to answer the question on this site. What do you mean by 'the complete list of sequences'? I couldn't find anything about an updated timeframe in my brief search on reduser. Can you pass on a link to that thread? Thanks! Thomas Winston www.grizzlycreekfilms.com
  3. Thanks for the info, Stephen. It's very helpful as I develop and budget future projects. I'll be fine with a our Varicam 3700 and some Phantom rental days in the meantime...
  4. Is there any rough timeline on delivery of the Epic/Scarlet cameras? At the risk of starting some sort of reduser holy war for asking this question, I thought I may get a more level-headed answer over here. I know nobody has a definite answer, just wondering what the ballpark is these days? thanks! Thomas Winston grizzlycreekfilms.com
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