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  1. I'm shooting on a CAnon 5D (still camera) I'm not sure really what I should be worrying about haha. that's kind of why I posted. I know there's always something that you miss when you haven't done something like that before. even if it's in the post or something like that. . . .
  2. Hey all. I am in pre-production for a short that I am doing which will be shot in stop motion. I very well versed with the equipment but I am totally new to this type of film making and I was wondering if there was anyone out there who has done it before who might have some handy tips or hints? HELP!?
  3. Thanks! I'm starting to feel a little more reassured and I'm digging up some of my older film contacts as we speak to maybe talk about a short or something. It's funny but someone telling me that what I want is going to be a struggle used to scare the poop out of me but after dealing with the industry I'm in right now i think I have the balls to persevere haha (metaphorically speaking). Thanks for the support!
  4. that's awesome! I've never even heard of this site. I'll look into some of the opportunities. Thanks!
  5. Thanks guys! It's good to hear some experienced opinions on such a confusing matter. Sadly I have searched my ass off to no avail and there doesn't seem to be anything cinematography based in my area ( I found one program that offered a cinematography THEORY class. . .??haha) I think maybe in Canada they are trying to produce more all around film makers in specific or something. . . the school system doesn't really lean towards creating people who specialize in one area (until four years into a program). It's frustrating to say the least. I am looking into assisting on a feature in 2008 with a pretty great established cinematographer (hopefully my meager contacts will pan out and I can at least get some camera learnin' under my belt.) I'm crossing my fingers!! And PS thanks for the warnings about the assistant thing. I promise I'll be JUST good enough haha.
  6. Hey! I'm a pro photographer who has worked on a number of films in stills and just completed my first short as D.O.P. I have also attended school for film theory (production theory, history etc) as well as some practical (video and sound editing, and multimedia and have experience with 16mm and TV studio cameras). This being said, I am looking to make my way into the industry as a DOP (obviously I won't be rediculous enough to think that I will get that right away, I would be happy as a 2nd camera assistant and whatnot to start). Either way, I have looked over many available film programs (many of which say I have to take a number of courses in things that I already know) and none of them seem to offer what I'm looking for. I'll put it simply, I DON'T want to be a director or producer or screenwriter. My life is dedicated to the visual side of things and always has been and I don't want to attend any classes in which 17 year olds who just want to be in the industry need to learn every aspect and I'm dragged along for the ride. I just want experience behind the camera and instruction on the technical side of things. That being said, how necessary is film school for someone like me? Would I be better off trying for a camera intern position? Or is there a film school out there (preferably in canada) that I could just learn the things I need to attain the position I want? HELP!
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