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  1. I`m quite sure you have. I guess its ye old inexperience with shooting on film that makes us a bit anal when it comes to clinging to our light meter for dear life. But im looking forward to see how we did. Should be pretty sweet though, im sure. Thanks for all the replies! Cheers Karl Andre Bru Lighting Assistant/Gaffer/Illuminator/etc...
  2. Hi guys! Im sorry but here it probably comes again....to put it short: 1.shooting on old bolex h16 reflex 2. shooting on 500T Vision 3 3. camera only has 144 degree shutter angle. 4. the light meter is Minolta Auto Meter IV F 5. shooting at 24FPS (not worrying about incorrect speed from the old lady) 7. the light meter can choose between cine mode(choosing FPS) or shutter speed. So with a 144 angle at 24 FPS, at 500ASA I should choose 1/60 as my shutter speed to get the correct reading on my meter, yes? (24x360)/144=60 As a test: About a foot from a non clear(kind of frosted) 40 watt bulb, being the only source in my room I get 5.6 and 3/10 with my meter at 24FPS,500ASA and 1/60 shutter speed. If anyone can be bothered to respond that would be super swell, gosh darn it... Cheerio! Karl Andre Bru Lighting Assistant/Gaffer/Illuminator
  3. If you want you can check out the trailer for a short we did earlier this year also shot on the Canon. http://www.fredrikhana.no/clipsFORHUDVIDEO.html
  4. Hi Michael! It is not supposed to be an actual womb or anyhting set in "reality" so it can be quite abstract. Adding something to the water to make it milky would be a great idea, but I don´t think we will be allowed to do that. I think i can remember the director mentioned something about shooting from underneath the actor towards the light. But as you mentioned, if I understood you correctly, shooting from a steep low angle but keeping the black background with the hard light streaming down should be something we could easily shoot on the day. I think I will go with the 1200, not cool to realize on the day that you need more "umpf" and shooting a couple of lamps down away from the action for general ambient fill if needed. Thanks for your generosity Might put up some stills from it in 2 weeks time. Karl Andre Bru Electrician/Gaffer/Illuminator
  5. Hi! I am gaffing on a low/no budget Norwegian art-house feature film. It will not be shot in one go, but little shoots spread across 2010. It will be shot with the Canon Mark 2 5D Anyways.... In one scene we see a man, naked, floating in the darkness, a womb like setting against a black background. We are going to shoot this scene this upcoming weekend in a public pool in the evening. It is a reasonably big pool about 12mx25m. The plan a the moment is to have a large piece of black textile covering the wall a the deep end (3 meter ish) and some of the bottom to create the black background. Lighting wise we will be limited to lighting it frome above the water with possible reflectors in the water. I ]am the lx crew and we only have a couple of hours so no advanced rigging will be possible except of course the odd c-stand rigg. We are able to have the room completely dark. To keep it simple I am thinking a 2k fres through a diffusion frame of some kind creating a soft top light or maybe even a hard top light with relectors in the water. Will probably have to experiment a bit on the day. May have the opportunity to get my hands on a 1200 HMI if necessary as the 2k might be to weak if diffused to much. Other than that it is the usual selection from 2k fresnel and down. The actor will be around 1.5m under the surface. As I haven´t lit scenes through water before I am interested in any thoughts on this project in particular or just experiences in general. I think i read something about loosing some exposure because of the water. I am sorry if this kind request has been presented a gazillion times before, but I have the impression that this forum consists of some rather patient and magnificent specimens ;) Cheerio! Karl Andre Bru Electrician/Gaffer/Illuminator
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