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  1. 2 Perf and 4 Perf bodies and packages available.  Variable or fixed shutter.  1000, 400 Regular, Low Profile and Steadicam, 200 mags available.  Anamorphic and regular viewfinders and extenders available.  Recelled Batteries, Cases, etc.  I will post a link to pictures.


    Thanks for looking - please DM with any questions!


  2. Nikon Nikkor - Cine C-mount Lens SET

    6.5mm F/1.8

    10mm F/1.8

    13m F/1.8

    25mm F/1.8

    50mm F/1.8

    The 6.5mm is an Arriflex mount, so a Birns & Sawyer locking adapter to C Mount is included. Photos of it with and without the adapter are included.

    If you’d like additional photos please ask.

    The lenses are fully functional and fungus free.

    I had them evaluated by Duclos lenses, and they recommend a re-lubing and would do some additional touch-up paint and cleaning them to bring them to like new condition.  They are functional and I have used them for a long time without issue.  I'm selling the ACL I use them with, so these are also up for sale.

    If you want to trade or only want one part of this lens set, make an offer and let me know which lens, but I’d like to keep them together as a set.  I'm looking for a Pro8mm Max8 Crystal speed 1014XL-s or modified 4/6/7/9008 with Max8 and Crystal speed.


    CineNikkor 6.5,10,13,25,50 - 1 of 11.jpeg

    CineNikkor 6.5,10,13,25,50 - 2 of 11.jpeg

    CineNikkor 6.5,10,13,25,50 - 10 of 11.jpeg

    CineNikkor 6.5,10,13,25,50 - 9 of 11.jpeg

    CineNikkor 6.5,10,13,25,50 - 8 of 11.jpeg

    CineNikkor 6.5,10,13,25,50 - 11 of 11.jpeg

  3. This is a Canon Scoopic M 16mm camera, famous for being robust and easy to use.  The “M” in the name “Scoopic 16M” denoted “Macro”, making this camera the first 16 mm movie camera in the world with a macro lens capable of shooting at distances up to 80 mm from the front end of the lens. This new lens, equipped with the macro capability, is a 12.5 to 75 mm 6:1 lens with 16 elements in 12 groups (f/1.8). The complete matte surface of the brighter, improved viewfinder made focusing easier. The feed drive system also employed a new servomotor governor. The photographic range was also expanded 1 to 64 frames. The wider shutter open angle, expanded to 170 degrees, also improved the efficiency of the shutter.  It takes single or double perforation film on daylight rolls.  You can shoot at Single Frame, 16, 24, 36 and 48 frames per second, and it has auto or manual exposure control.  The camera can use film ISO 20 to 640 in 1/3-stop increments.
    It has been film tested, cleaned, lubed and is in great shape for its age.  The batteries and charger are new and last 4x longer than the original batteries and won't fall apart on you like the ancient and brittle originals.  The lens hood is metal and comes with an easy on/off cover.  The eyecup is new and not stiff like the original ones, and is the same size as Arriflex so it can take regular Shammy Eyecup covers.  This is a ready to go package and is tested and working so you can be shooting ASAP!
    If you have any questions, or already own one of these and need support, please let me know and I'll do my best to fix it. 
    Thanks for looking and for shooting film on these great cameras!  I'm open to trades for other cameras or 35-3 Accessories.
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  4. Please let me know - I'm looking for anything legible enough to be used to repair a camera by somebody with old eyes.  I'd love an actual paper manual, even a copy, which Canon no longer sells, but I'll take what I can get.  They're 350 pages, but Media Mail is perfect for this application and I'm glad to pay any reasonable price.  Please PM me.



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