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  1. Looking to complete a set of my old lenses from him I have 38 and 58mm, looking for 88m or really any Richard Gale stuff you might have around.
  2. Martin - did you find the exposure pin?
  3. 2 Perf and 4 Perf bodies and packages available. Variable or fixed shutter. 1000, 400 Regular, Low Profile and Steadicam, 200 mags available. Anamorphic and regular viewfinders and extenders available. Recelled Batteries, Cases, etc. I will post a link to pictures. Thanks for looking - please DM with any questions! Joe
  4. I do have a DS8 Scoopic w case I'd love to swap for your C300 with the DS8 mag.
  5. I know Curtis and he really takes care of his gear and is a very straightforward guy.
  6. Just need one - in Santa Monica, CA if that helps.
  7. Mine died and I'm looking for another. Yes, there are better lighter cameras out there. Yes, it's difficult, relative to modern cameras, to use.
  8. I'm in need of a couple, anybody have a source?
  9. Nikon Nikkor - Cine C-mount Lens SET 6.5mm F/1.8 10mm F/1.8 13m F/1.8 25mm F/1.8 50mm F/1.8 The 6.5mm is an Arriflex mount, so a Birns & Sawyer locking adapter to C Mount is included. Photos of it with and without the adapter are included. If you’d like additional photos please ask. The lenses are fully functional and fungus free. I had them evaluated by Duclos lenses, and they recommend a re-lubing and would do some additional touch-up paint and cleaning them to bring them to like new condition. They are functional and I have used them for a long time without issue. I'm selling the ACL I use them with, so these are also up for sale. If you want to trade or only want one part of this lens set, make an offer and let me know which lens, but I’d like to keep them together as a set. I'm looking for a Pro8mm Max8 Crystal speed 1014XL-s or modified 4/6/7/9008 with Max8 and Crystal speed. Thanks!
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