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  1. I shot this a few years back on the HPX500. Good camera. Dig it.. http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/suchgreatheights/
  2. Forgot I had this montage of some scenes I cut together from a Feature Film from a few years back. Sadly, no one will ever see this film because it was pretty terrible, and its caught in some legal BS. Anyways, take a look!
  3. hey thanks for checking it out Jon. Yeah, zero budget. Did it more as a favor to the artists and to get more Directing experience and material. I think the biggest expense was the ski masks.. Thanks again!
  4. Finished up a rap video recently and was throwing it out there to the world. I Directed, DP'd and Edited. Budget was around $100.00. Seriously, it was.. Thoughts are encouraged. Thanks.
  5. Sure, why not just buy an F3. I havent put my camera through the trenches yet. And of course they are really "hot" right now, but hey if it works, why not right? I agree, using a "real" camera is the way to go, which normally I use be it an HVX, or a RED, but the DSLRs serve a function. BTW, what the hell is "Rainbow Anodizing Syndrome"?
  6. that's cool. Thanks for the link. I partnered up with a buddy and we went with the indiSystem rig with a Ruige 7-inch HD monitor, but had to cough up the cash for the Zacuto Pro3X (man those things are pricey...) Turned out to be a pretty decent rig for around $1,700.00 which isnt bad. It's already been used on a corporate gig in Germany. I havent shot with it yet but monkeyed with it and was satisfied. We'll see how it performs when put through the paces on a short or feature...
  7. No kidding. Havent heard of these guys. Been nosing around some Chinese Zacuto knockoffs around this same price point but am wary of the quality. How does it perform? And negatives about this particular product that you've found? Thanks for the heads up!
  8. Mike Washlesky

    DSLR rigs?

    looking into purchasing a rig for my D7000 and have been looking at the Zacuto rigs. Wondering if anyone has used this or other rigs and if there are any pros/cons to the different brands. These things are4 pricey and I want to be sure which one's to stay away from. Thanks,
  9. So why exactly was it the worst of the bunch? I just purchased a D7000 and have been happy with it so far. Havent shot an extensive amount of video, but what I have shot was great, and I liked it better than when I used a 7 and 5D. But I prefer Nikon glass anyways and have a few from my still background and have accumulated several lenses over the years. Just curious what made it so bad in comparisons.
  10. No dude, I picked up that gig and now own both a black and white Ferrari. I call them Yin and Yang.
  11. Awesome...does it shoot native 16x9? I hear thats the bestest.
  12. Contact GEAR..(http://gearrental.com/)
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