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  1. Hiya. I've got about 275gb of red footage that I'm having a lot of problems with. I'm shooting interviews so I have very long takes using build 30. 2 out of the 26 takes wouldn't transfer to a hard drive at all. I tried everything but can cut my losses there. (would get error messages) The footage that I was able to get off the red drive freezes up when I try to log and transfer it using FCP. I want to transfer as applepros 422 proxy. Everything works fine in RedCineX but freezes up in FCP. Any suggestions?
  2. Jeremy Drake


    So I'm a 1st AC that happens to be editing a feature. (that's why I'm here and not on some other forum) What are some good forums where I can ask questions about post production sound... or if you happen to know off the top of your head what are some good sound mastering companies in the Louisiana area? I don't know how hard or expensive it is to get something mastered in surround vs stereo or even how all that works.
  3. My company is getting a Mac Pro and money is no hindrance. (Unless you into the 20,000 and up area) Is it better to get one with 4x 256meg video cards or the 1 512 meg card? I need to hook up dual displays and a color timing monitor. I'm also looking at the MXO2 Max. And a panasonic or flanders scientific monitor. I was looking at this turnkey system.. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/5492...tml#accessories But the stats aren't maxed out. I'd like the most VRAM (if that's what I need) and RAM as possible (32gb) Anyway what's the best configuration possible?
  4. So we have a feature film transferred to one giant scratch folder of pro res files. We want to edit this thing with two computers. We have 2 Raids with all the files transfered to pro res and we're wondering how to go about this. Maybe we can just edit sequences off our respective raids that contain all the same files and then send the xml files back and forth? At the end we want to relink the r3d files and send them to color for timing. We don't really have time to experiment and its frustrating but whats the best way to go about editing a feature with two computers.
  5. Jeremy Drake


    Thanks for that. It looks like switching from spot to histogram isn't an option in this build though. Hopefully in the future!
  6. Jeremy Drake


    I'm a first and my DP likes to switch between the spot meter and the histogram. Can I set this to a hotkey? Actually a guide on setting hotkeys (if you can do this) would be great.
  7. I have a set of Nikkor lenses (24, 35, 50, 85) that I use with a red rock follow focus on a red. Whenever I switch directions with the focus.. say someone is walking away and then towards me.. the lenses shift slightly causing a little bump in the frame. Its especially noticeable when I use my focus assist. I'm worried that the follow focus may be putting too much pressure on the lens or damaging them. I try to use the threads so the tips do not touch but I still see a slight shift. Anybody else had this problem?
  8. I couldn't find a diagram in my manual. Is it 9 6 or 9 9? anybody have a pictures of the insides of this mag?
  9. I'm trying to export for DVD and no matter which settings I use FCP creates a black frame between each cut... I've dumped the settings and started over and whatnot but I can't seem to find a solution anywhere. HELP!!
  10. Anyone ever see "Snow Falling On Cedars?" Robert Richardson's cinematography is incredible in that film IMO. It's rare that the image by itself can bring me to tears... but Robert Richardson pulled it off.
  11. I just like to add that the host was freakin beautiful. The first 20 minutes or so were so effective to me it brought a tear to my eye. Crazy since its a monster flick. But it blows away anything "Cloverfield" and its clones can bring.
  12. It really is just a matter of opinion. I thought the entire movie was downright absurd and laughable. I have a lot of respect for Viggo for the bathroom scene but when they cut to his arm blocking the swing or when Viggo stabs him in the eye I was laughing out loud. A History of Violence also pushed it. The "action" scene where Viggo takes out the bad guys was also laughable. But EP just took it to the extreme. Not that I have a problem with what happened in the movie... just the way it was shot/cut together.
  13. Can you point out any good tutorials on how to build an external hd and what websites provide some quality enclosures and hard drives.
  14. "Wow, really? I thought the photography was excellent on Eastern Promises. I saw it on the big screem. It reminded me of films like The Good Shepherd, Michael Clayton and Mr Brooks, where the photography is just very solid, but doesn't draw attention to itself." I thought Michael Clayton had amazing cinematography.. I agree about how it doesn't draw attention to itself. I never once didn't believe the lighting or the composition and mise en scene overtly tried to signify something going on in the scene. Not that I'm against those things.. I loved American Beauty for just those reasons.. but Eastern Promises still bugged the crap out of me.
  15. I was talking to a friend of mine about Cronenberg's Eastern Promises. I generally think this is a horrible movie with horrible choices by the DP. Nearly every shot seems to be from exactly the same distance from the actors, who are always lined up on the right side of the screen, even during shot/reverse. Everything in the film, no matter where the shot took place (int, ext, bathroom, etc) - EVERTHING is lit with the same nasty yellow kicker that had no real motivation for being there. It bugged the crap out of me the whole time... not the mention other horrible things about this film. Anyways my friend things the movie is great and said "come on! you gotta at least love the cinematography!" I was just wondering if anybody else out there had the same experience with either a friend or the masses thinking something (mostly the DP work for the sake of this forum) is great but you can't seem to understand why its so great or generally just think its bad.
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