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  1. Thanks to everyone who participated! And thank you so much, John Pytlak, for being who you are. We got over 200 responses. They filled three 30"x40" posters, mounted on boards. Those boards were shipped yesterday to John, and were delivered this morning at 10:16am, Eastern. You can view a PDF file of what we sent. Thanks, everyone.
  2. I've got about 200 replies so far. If you're going to send something, please do so today. Thanks!
  3. This is a surprise for John P., so John, if you're reading this, skip this topic, please, and read no further. (highlight the text below to read it) Thanks. John Hawkinson jhawk@mit.edu
  4. TIm said this was reasaonble :). This is a keepalive post to avoid my account being pruned. Others feel free to append similar posts to this thread.
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