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  1. Hey guys! We're about to shoot a commercial on a hockey ice. Lot of action, fast movements/travelings, camera on shoulder.. Just want to know if you have any pictures of something that could be usefull to put our DP on and get a steady shot (I'm gonna be in skates tu push him around) Thanks Jon
  2. Hi guys, I'm wondering about the crop factor question if i'm using S16 Zeiss Distagon on an AF100 with the PL mount adapter.. Anyone?! Thanks Jon
  3. Hi guys, gonna be working with an ABC Crane - Speedy 9 Any advice, tips... Thanks! Jon
  4. Hi guys, Does anybody have worked with this Field Recorder? Any comments on it, advice, should or not buy...? Thanks for the reply! John
  5. Hi guys, I got the project to ''transform'' my western dolly into a ''crab-able'' dolly. I mean, make the back 2 wheels to a direction and the 2 front wheels into the opposite direction, so it can make thight turns... Just want to know if anybody has made it before ? Or at least, ever sees it? Thanks for the reply! Jonathan Dubé
  6. The first generation of M2 RedRock keeps 2 stop and a half but, the new version, the upgrade kit, stops only ½ stop wich is an important amount of light. Considering that you can't offer you something bigger like high-end cameras, the dof of the redrock is such an advantage, even with the loss of light.
  7. Hi guys, I have here a Manfrotto Fluid Head 116 (mk3) and I need a spare kit to remplace a screw wich is under the bowl... The best would be the user guide or manual instruction of this particular head but I can't find it! If you know where, thanks to leave the link here! Thanks -Jonathan
  8. Sorry guys, not Cooke but Zeiss Distagon lenses!!
  9. Hi guys, here's my situation: I have a Panasonic HPX-2000 and I want to use my S16 Cooke PL mount on it. Optically, I'm not sure if I need to use something like the Micro Red Rock or Letus35... If not, where could I find an adapter to fit it on my B4 mount camera. Give me your opinion on it and if possible, a solution! Thanks. PS: Sorry if there was an other post on the subject, I didn't find it. -Jonathan
  10. Hi guys, I'm working for an artist center and we are looking to buy some cinema equipment (gobos, spots, kino, monitor, tripods...) I only know 1 ''major'' suppliers who can give me prices for an exact list of items but if you guys know some, let me know. North America (canada preference) ones. Thanks!
  11. Thanks Jim, I'll give them a call and fill out my personnal infos!
  12. Hi guys, Just a little question here about the most safetiest way to carry my LaCie 2big Triple Interface (2-disk RAID) on my shooting set. I'm looking for something like the Pelican 1200 case but it is just a little bit too small. Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks JONATHANDUBE
  13. Thank you guys for those comments! Very appreciate! The only matter with buymyinsurancenow is that they only accept american adress to open a folder. So I'll need to find a body who's willing to get a letter from them and ship it to me in Quebec City... However, thanks guys! Have a great day! -Jonathan
  14. Hi guys, Here's some questions about the insurances I have to take. We'll have a set with like 75 000$ of equipment, wich is not a big deal for some, but it's our first major project. I'm looking to get insurance for that but all I found is insurance for 1 million $ for 1 year at 1 000$. It's not so expensive, but we don't need insurance for 1 year so if we could save on it, it would be great! Then, if you know some insurance company, tell me! I'm coming from Quebec but I'll call them all to see if thay had an office in Canada! If you don't know any, tell me what you know! Thank you all and keep on going on this great forum! -JONATHANDUBE
  15. Hi guys, I just bought an Argus/Cosina model 708 but I don't have the owner manual and I really want it! If someone knows how I could get one, please tell me. An other question: I don't know how to fix a new F:/stop, it's onw of the reason I want the manual. Thanks to everyone! -JONATHANDUBE
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