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  1. Hi all, I'm looking for 2 or 3 shooters that own HVX200 cameras for a shoot on July 11th. It should be the 200 and not the 200A please .. we like the look of the original and it will match what we already have going. It's a music performance that night -- it will be about 2 hours of music with some possible b-roll before and after the gig. Would you please send contact, reel info and rates to me? Thank you! Tess tess@sunlightdigital.com
  2. Thank you everyone! This has been helpful! :) - Tess
  3. To clarify a little bit ... :) I guess the most direct question is where is a good place to find talent? I realize craigslist is an option here too, but I'm looking for something more specific than that - -with reels and contact info ... So ... other websites, agencies .. etc ? Any recommendations? Thank you!
  4. I've got a small production company and am looking to expand our talent roster a bit .... It's always good to have several people to call upon for projects! :) We are getting busier these days and I'm interested in finding camera ops, dp's and editors of all price ranges. The problem is finding reels! Editors reels aren't difficult to find but I am having some difficulty finding ones for camera ops ... I guess most dp's/cinematographers are camera ops these days as well, but I'd be interested in those that just do camera .... On la411, for example, there are very few reels and most of the camera ops there seem to be steadicam related - not just straight shooters .. So my question is (finally!) --- Are there any sites that you can recommend where I can view reels for the above mentioned? I'd love to find where camera ops, dps/cinematographers, editors have reels to view! And where do you find your talent? Networking, craigslist, agencies? Thank you in advance! :) Tess
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