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  1. Hi all, I am preparing a feature film production where we will use the Alexa SXT and anamorphic lenses. To be cost-efficient, we were thinking about using the 6:5 Mode (ProRes 2K Anamorphic) which does not take too much storage space and which sounds like a nice solution. But as we also have some VFX shots in the movie, the question arises whether it might be good to use another mode for the VFX shots. Would 4:3 ProRes 2.8K be a better solution? I kind of doubt it, that it helps a lot. If I understand it correctly, we would have some more "flesh" on the left and right, but would be using the same height? Or should ARRIRAW considered for the VFX shots? If yes, which mode should be used with ARRIRAW? Thanks a lot for your help! Best Simon
  2. Hi all, My name is Simon and I'm on my way to become a 2nd AC. At the moment I'm working as a trainee in a german rental house :) We rent the Sony DV Watchmans (like the Sony GV-D 1000 Watchman) with an UHF-tuner so that the director and the 2nd AD have the chance to see and also to record parts of the shooting. The Sony DV Watchmans are not really very reliable and you don't get support for them anymore ;) We are always looking for an alternative wireless product but the only one we know at the moment is a harddisk recorder developed by another german rental house. (Not yet available) It would even be cool to have one with an internal hard disk recorder and without tapes. I wonder if there are any other alternative products out there and wanted to ask you if you may know some of them? :) Thanks for your answers! Sorry for the bad english... Simon
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