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    Hi Illya, Looks good with out a doubt. Actualy it looks nothing like the fires that we have seen before, I am waiting to get one of your cameras in my hands, I hope is not far from now. I have speak with Danys Bruyere but it seems the camera is to busy for a while as to bring it to Spain. I am going to porpose Danys to make a travel to Paris and run some tests in theyre facilitys. Jon Corcuera DIT, AC Spain
  2. I am realy glad to hear you talking this way, Michael it realy seems like you have been thinking alot about this matter, impresive "articles" realy interesting. I think there is a basicly diferent ways to aproach society and in anpersonal world like some forums are, I realy like this forum I didn´t knew it until a couple of days and I am realy happy with the discovery. As you guys said the proteccion of the name goes against the politeness, because if alows them to say things that they will not say in public. Thanks for your positive answers and hope I meet you in the seting. :D Jon Corcuera
  3. Jon Corcuera

    ARRI D-21?

    My fault I tryed to shorten and I ended up spresing myself wrongly. What I meant is that they have been operating like panavision, only renting it, at least in Spain. So I wanted to know if they are going to start selling it and if they are going to change the name to D-21 as somebody has sugested me. Jon DIT/AC
  4. Hi David, I certainly hope people starts relaxing and focusing in the real work we have to be doing with cameras. This work is realy stressing and demanding so I find ridiculous to ad more stress. I have beeing recently taken as a "RED member" or defender just for trying to do my work that is to go and study every knew camera that I can get my hands on. I find ridiculous to have to defend myself from being pro Xcamera... as I will find ridiculous to do the same in the oposite direction. I am a freelance that tryes to work in as many countrys as posible, with as many cameras as posible, with as many posproduction facilitys and with as many crews as posible. I am 28 years old and I work as DIT/AC and I will become a DOP when I think I am prepared for the jump, and I love this world I have met great magisters in the way, that they have not just give technical knoledge but love and respect for this work. This is what it should be important and any other fact shouldn´t be even consider. Jon Corcuera DIT/AC
  5. Hi all, I am realy unhappy the direction that the forums are taking in some points, specialy with RED matter. I see people that defend RED with violence like a religion and people that atack RED like it will be demon and that is poisoning the forums. As profesionals most of us Freelance I don´t think we should be making such a general statements because RED/DALSA/ARRI/PANAVISION/... and all the cameras I know have strongh points and weekness and as profesionals we are to have our brain clear to be able to choose the best camera for the proyect we have between our hands. Another thing is to have our prefered camera system that we may perfectly have but there is no need to throw trash in to others roof, we make our point by our decitions. I know is a naif argument but I am sick of this nonsense verbal violence that is spreeding through the forums an making more complicate to reach the interesting information, that is the actual reason for them to exist, I don´t think the creators of this forums expected them to become a battlefield. And as a result of this behavior we are loosing the advise of great DOP´s, AC´s, DIT´s, ... Sorry for this spech but I am just geting tired of beeing forced to read political type of post in stead of technical and profesional opinions. i am trying to make a test with GEnesis, Dalsa origin, arri D-20 and RED the 15 and 16 of march and I am having more troubles due to this paranoic and sick state of mind that people is getting at than for the actual preproduction matters, and believe they are big ones. Jon Corcuera DIT/AC Spain , Europe, the World Sorry for my English (from now on SFME) please correct me, that way i might learn :D
  6. Hi all, Is there anything about Kinetta? Is it finaly just focusing in scanners? Jon
  7. Jon Corcuera

    ARRI D-21?

    Hi all, I wanted to know if it is true that the D-20 is coming away from prototype and is getting call D-20. Is this happening at the NAB in Las Vegas? Jon
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