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  1. Where can I find Cinematography Master Class videos, specially by Laszlo Kovacs and Vilmos Zsigmond in Budapest. If anyone have, please share it. Best....
  2. I am looking for some sort of vibration controler that can be used with light weight camers. I have a Sony PD 150 camera, which is quite light, and does't control jerks very much. Handheld shots give earth quack like effects. So what you guys suggest? What kind of support i should get to achive a smooth movming shots. I am looking for a cheap but effective grip, which can be used DSLR's as well. Another thought, what these NAT GEO travelogue guys used for thier videos. What camers do they use? I mostly come across such situations, where you have to shoot what you find, and shoot as it happens. I make indepenet short documentaries mostly, where you have to record all the activites, and you have to constantly move, and can not miss the speaches etc. So, any advises, suggestions......please drop few lines with your experience. Best.....................
  3. Another Spanish film school: FilmoSofia Garanada FilmoSofia If any one could tell about this as well.
  4. Has any one heard about Septima Ars Film and TV School, Madrid? Very practical. Offers one year course in cinematography. Quite cheap as well. Just want to know if any one has any idea about this school? Is it worth studying there?
  5. Hello there....hope everyone would be in a good health..... Well, the questions is quite basic here. I am a studying video production, and here in school we work on DV mostly. I have used Sony DSR 250p for my assignments and projects. Well, lately, i did 2 documentary projects, both outdoor and indoor interviews etc. On both occasions, i ended up shooting uder exposed images. Though they looked fine by eye and in LCD during the shoot, but later when i captured them on my computer, they were very much underexposed. What should i do to get a correct exposure? Normally i take a reference of Auto Exposure. I take a note by pressing Auto Exposure, and if i am outdoor, i will go one stop down of the Auto reading. Is it a fine approach? Anyone please suggest if there is any thing that i should concider in order to take a properly lit image?
  6. Is there any one who know about Prague Film School. They have a year program in film making with specialization in Cinematography. Students study for atleast 6 months in specialization. They have film cameras in the school, manily 16mm, and students get to know to operate, plus they have workshops and seminars on loading and operating. But they shoot the projects and exercises on digital mainly. Thats what made me to think again about the School. Have anyone studied there. Share views.
  7. That is very informational. Thanks a lot But i am sorry, i am not been able to replce the picture with smaller file. Why i can't edit my post?
  8. Well, being a student with very limited lights in the bag, i just want to ask this. In our lighting class exercise we are given 3, 1000k tungsten lights. I always came across this situation? How can i avoid those ugly nose shadow that is created by placing the key light, say, 40 degree angle. Should the light be on very side? or higher? How can i get this image?
  9. Well, i couldnt find the details of the course or anything about the program on the website. I just wanted to know about the program? Is it good, worth studying. I think its up to the student, how seriously one takes the studies, how passionate studnet is. Yes there are brilliant and not-so-good students everywhere. I am planning about the Film Academy.What you guyz suggest?
  10. Has anyone heard about Film Academy Vienna? They offer masters degrees in multiple areas including Camera and Imaging Technology. The 2 yeras course is quite affordable aswell. But i dont know about the credibility of academy. Has anyone heard about that? Is it worth studying?
  11. Hey Karin Bleiweiss, it seems to be quite costly. What is the total fee for the 1 year documentry program? What about the language?
  12. Well, there are institutes that offer language courses, and they are not more than 3 month long. So i guess that can be done.
  13. yeah, proficiency in german is must. But that you can learn in 2 months or so. I dont know about Austria. Do you know any school in Austria which as affordable as German schools.
  14. I browsed two schools in Germany. Course looks pretty good. Hambrug Media Scholl offers 2 year Masters program in Camera(one of the four specialisations). International Acamdemy for Film and Television Munich offers 4 year prgoram with 2 years of specialisation in cinematography. They are quite affordable, i mean the fees and other things. But i dont know about thier credebility. Have any heard about these schools? I am interested in Masters at Hamburg Media school, but i dont know how good they are. If any one can tell about these schools.
  15. Has any one heard about International school of Cinema and Television Italy(NUCT)? I am interested in thier 2 year program with the contentration in Cinematography, they call "it to be dop" program. What you suggest? How is its credibilty? Is it worth attending?
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