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  1. I have a job coming up and I need to shoot a Model Semi truck outside and make it feel like it's actually life size. I think the model is 1/14 to scale. ( I think it's about 10'' tall and 2' long). We have a shot where we have it pull up to a Gas Station and we pull out to reveal that it's actually a toy all in the same shot. I've never done any forced perspective and I was wondering if anyone has any tips to help me get started? I'm thinking of using an Innovision Probe 2 lens and stopping down a lot. Wondering if I should look into tilt shift lenses as well? I plan to use an Alexa Mini but wondering if the sensor is too big and my depth of field might be too shallow? Also wondering if art department will need to build any small sets to actually make this work. It does sound like the director wants to shoot outside in real locations. Here's a link to the type of model we'll be using. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_Du5YYvnMA Love any advice on this. Thanks!
  2. I have a 3 piece Kowa Anamorphic Set for sale. PL mount. Fully overhauled last year by Duclos. Here are some photos. www.chrissaul.com/kowas Asking $45K
  3. This is a brand new Alexa Mini coming direct from Germany. The warranty is based out of Arri Germany. This Comes with... -Alexa Mini body -Arri PL mount -EVF w/ cable -Power cable I've waited 7months for this so if anyone wants to avoid a really long backorder! Asking $58,000
  4. Looking for a set of Kowa Anamorphics. Any leads would be great!
  5. I have a really nice 3 piece set of Lomo Anamorphics for sale. Comes with custom front caps and custom extended focus gears. Also comes with a hard case. Here's a link the post on Ebay. I'm looking to get $30K if purchased outside of Ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lomo-Anamorphic-Lens-set-PL-mount-/291391391271?
  6. I'm looking to buy a set of super speeds and I have a small list of lens brokers but I wondering if someone has a full list of lens brokers and any advice on purchasing a set of used lenses. Thanks!
  7. I'm selling a set of Zeiss Standard speeds (16mm,24mm,32mm,50mm,85mm) for $19,500. These lenses are just as sharp as super speeds and some say are cleaner and for more than half the price of super speeds. Here is a project I shot with them... They are in really nice condition and they have been serviced a few months ago. Email me at info@chrissaul.com for pictures.
  8. I'm selling a set of Zeiss Standard Speeds F/2.1 (16mm,24mm,32mm,50mm,85mm) - $19,500 and an Optex 100mm Macro Lens F/2.8 - $5000 All lenses are PL. Email me at info@chrissaul.com for photos and if you are interested!
  9. I have a project coming up and the director wants to use a few projectors to project video in the background of our set. We are setting up a portrait shot of someone sitting in the foreground and we want to project video behind them and have the projection project on the furniture and wall of the room. It's a bedroom. My question is what type of projector should I get to avoid flicker? I also need it somewhat powerful but I need to be able to project close so something that can project wide. Any advice would be very helpful. I'm shooting on the Red Epic trying to stay at ASA 500.
  10. Thanks so much for being honest. I'll definitely cut it down and look for a better compression. I used H264 optimized for streaming with hinted streaming. If you have a good suggestion for compression I would love to hear it. Thanks!!!
  11. Just finished my MFA in cinematography at Art Center College of Design. Check out my montage at http://www.vimeo.com/18379236. I'd love to know what you think!
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