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  1. Brand new O'connor 2060HD head and Ronford Baker legs asking only 9,000USD Also inclused is a Tuffpak heavy duty case and a heavy duty trunk for the head. Legs have never been used and the head has only ever used on a one day shoot for about 6 hours so they are brand new. And included with the head is an adapter so the head works with mitchell and ball. Costs more than 13,000 at stores, I am asking only 9,000 I took these photos in a somewhat dusty, poorly lit room where they have been stored for months, but other than some dust on the outside of the boxes, everything is in brand new condition I will provide better photos or any other verification required for serious buyers before finalizing sale. HERE ARE THE SPECS AND INFO: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/481861-REG/OConnor_2060HD_PKG_ULTIMATE_2060HD_Fluid_Head.html http://www.abelcine.com/store/Ronford-Baker-Heavy-Duty-Tall-Tripod/ http://www.abelcine.com/store/Tuffpak-Tripod-Case-w.-Wheels-TP-1146WH/
  2. I am not a DP or an image technician, but to my eyes those results you posted are pretty impressive. Is it possible for you to hook up with a programmer and build an app that would get those kind of results? I haven't seen the clips but from the stills the denoising is amazing.
  3. Thank you for the info, I'll try to get myself a copy of those.
  4. well I'm using 35mm stills lenses, on a hvx200 with adapter, but I also have a Red One and arri MFF-1 on the way. Have been using the HVX lcd not the viewfinder, then checking playback on a PC monitor and a TV. I am actually a director not DP or AC, on the small stuff that I've worked on (shorts and music videos) we had a DP, but since I invested in cameras and lenses, and since I have them to my self for long periods of time, I usually find my self playing with the equipment, and I am sure that I will go even more nuts with a Red One. So that is why I want to learn the fundamentals, if not to be a DP or an AC, to know my way around their stuff. I figured someone must have talked about the craft in detail, and about the basics or fundamentals. or maybe not :)
  5. How can you answer "do you know of any tutorials?" with not really a smart answer. OK so for a focus puller, are there texts, or learning resources available? There is a ton of information on every part of film production, but I can't seem to find much on the lens and focus part of cinematography, tons and tons on lighting though.
  6. Hello, I am using manual focus 35mm lenses for the first time (used to shoot prosumer autofocus cameras) and I am finding setting up the camera, measuring distance, and focusing very frustrating. Do you guys know of any tutorials or online resources for the total newbie? I basically need to learn where to place my lenses in relation to the subject to get good focus, but any other beginner level information on this whole topic would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. David Mullen: what lenses did you use to shoot those scenes?
  8. Thank you guys for the responses, and David Mullen: I am in the process of purchasing a Red One so Its really good to know that pro DPs are using the Red One at higher than 320 ASA with such good looking results. We will be mainly using the camera on our own indy projects, so really the only thing that worried us about the Red is the noise levels.
  9. I've been seeing more and more feature films shot with the Red One, at the same time, all the Low light Red footage I've seen online were in my eyes much too noisy for feature film use. So I am wondering if Soderbergh, Jackson or any other mainstream directors have actually used the Red One in night time or low light situation. Anyone know of any such footage available online?
  10. Actually, I was planning on just green screen for keying, but because of your post now I'm really thinking twice. I don't think I can go wrong with more options, So I will probably end up doing as you suggested. Thanks for the info :)
  11. Thank you guys for the responses, this is what I have been told but I just needed to confirm. Though I am wondering why: Why would they want white? do you mean white that would bey keyed out, or white as the actual color for the background which will remain in the shots after post ?
  12. I just finished building a green screen for a little bit of personal use but more importantly hopefully to rent out. We have a 28 by 26 foot screen (L shape), form floor to ceiling it is a little less than 10 feet, we have cycs in the corners, and the ceiling is also painted green Yesterday I brought in someone to lay out the lighting as we need fixed lights to light the screen. The guy wants me to forget about the ceiling as part of the screen, because that is were he needs to hang the lights (kino like fluorescents). Now this is my two part question: How often will people renting the place need to use camera angles that would need the ceiling as part of the screen? (the space may be rented out for commercials, Since I do not have much experience in this area, it is very difficult to say what type of shots would be needed) I really hoped that I could have the greatest room possible for camera angles, or do you guys think that lighting the screen from above is worth more than having that bit of extra room for more camera angles?
  13. wow, there really is a lot of DIY stuff going on, suddenly I feel like there are so many options and ways to go at it. It's definitely gonna take me sometime to read all this stuff before I know what I want to do next. Thank you for the pointers. :)
  14. The Fullham ballasts i bought are like 20 bucks each, they power two 55 watt tubes or one bigger tube, they are absolutely silent, we tested them on video using every framerate on our HVX and there was no flicker.
  15. I'm not too worried about ventilation cuz everything here is ventilated and the ballasts and fixtures have been tested with cheap 55w tubes and ran for hours with no heat problems. I was actually worried about the Kino Flo tubes needing specific input from Kino Ballasts in order to function as expected, someone was saying something along those lines in a post I saw a while back.
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