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  1. Hi, I am searching for a Eclair ACL back up motor. Please send me an email if you have anything lying around. Best, Jarl
  2. Thanks for the reply's! I asked the company I ordered the short ends from to spool them over in 200" lengths, and I checked today to confirm that the film is indeed delivered on 200 daylight spools. I am looking for a 400" magazine on various outlets, but they seem to be very hard to get by, with prices pretty steep from film company's :-) The real question is, has anyone tried using 200" daylight spools with the ACL magazine? Will it rub against the inside of my magazine and make excessive noise like with the NPR as John mentioned?
  3. Hi, I am a filmstudent relatively new to film. I bought a ACL with a 200ft mag to experiment with. So I have bought some short ends and got them in 200" lengths (on what I presume are daylight spools). I have however gotten a little confused lately reading about using a-minima loads and how you must break off stuff to make it fit in the eclairs mag. Also, I recently read that you must have a core adapter (some sort of plate?) to load anything else than 100" daylight spools. I was just about to order some 200" daylight spools as takeup spools, will I get into trouble here? Thanks in advance!
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