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  1. Adam Wilt just got his hands on the new DSC labs 4k test chart, and gave the RED ONE a quick test. I don't really think anyone really thought the RED was lying to us about the resolution of the camera, but seeing someone like Mr. Wilt confirm it is comforting. The RED actually did better than I thought it would, I imagined the low pass filter plus the optics would of cut down the resolution a little more than it did. http://provideocoalition.com/index.php/awi...um_resolved/P0/ More RED Res Testing: The Mystery(ium) Resolved A new chart shows what this camera (and several lenses) can really do. I obtained a new, 4K resolution test chart at NAB, and aimed RED ONEs running build 15 version 2.2.5 at it using four different lenses: a 50mm Super Speed, a 50mm Ultra Prime, a 18-50mm RED zoom, and a 24-290mm Optimo. Cutting to the chase: I?m pleased to report that I see detail extinction at about 3.2K, confirming the numbers RED and others have claimed.
  2. Interesting test, but adjusting ASA on the Red to compensate for Iris limitations is a little misleading I do believe, specially since the Red ASA adjustments are somewhat non-traditional. And as Mcgregor pointed out on RU you cannot use the same principles as Film for exposure - Classic mistake to people that just start shooting digitally. This is a great post to read, I learned alot from it : http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?t=12863 You can see the results of this on some of the shots that clearly show that the RED was not exposed correctly for comparison by the variation in luminance levels, even if the linear adjustment in stops was correct on the iris.
  3. Now I understand why you get thrown off of sets.
  4. Rodney West

    It's a sad shame

    Fair enough, I just asked. I doubt I will get a yes but I have the feeling a picture may be worth a thousand words. And for the record, I think many agree that I am not the only bitchy girl here.
  5. Rodney West

    It's a sad shame

    Hey please don't drag me into this. I asked questions and all I got was a bunch of bullshit girl school fighting. Some of us professionals don't post our clients footage without approval.
  6. Thank you; I agree that I may of been a little thin skinned.when I was drafting my post last night i kept telling myself " I am about to say something nice about the red camera, this is gonna get ugly" And when it did; I guess I was just a little dissapointed. Back on track; I wold like to know if anyone here has any experience grading Red footage on a pablo? I have grown accustomed to pablo tools and I would love to he able to continue using it so I am not wasting alot of time and money in the suite learning something else. Anything I should know about a traditional dpx transform ingest?
  7. Actually, I am a very active member on reduser, dvinfo, etc. The reason I have never joined is exactly for this reason, I am not sure why people like you are allowed here. Nothing about your post did any good, the only thing it did was make me regret spending 15 minutes coming here. Best of luck to you all, I obviously made a mistake coming here.
  8. Rodney West

    Best Key ever?

    First time poster, long time Lurker. This experience made me come out of the closet :) I had a 2 day music video using the RED CAMERA on the weekend for the first time ever, and I must admit I wasn't sure how i was going to feel about it with all the somewhat mixed feedback discussed here. To my surprise, I didn't have a single issue during the production, even the famous initial boot time was not as bad as I thought it would be. Another side benefit was the camera rental came with a free DIT ( the owner ), an interesting experience that I have never had before. Something about having the owner that had a personal connection with the camera and was motivated for success beyond just his day rate I think is going to change this industry.. I started to understand the gushiness from owners that happens on other forums. The real story however is, that I was able to extract some incredible keys after shooting 16 hours non stop using Green Fluros and a huge 40 foot dig-green screen. I am not exaggerating, it was the best Key I have ever pulled, and over the years i've shot pretty much everything out there, including Vipers, Genesis, 950/900s, Varicams, and of course 35mm. What a pleasant surprise. My next project is a 38 day feature that was originally going to shoot with the F23, and after this I am tickled pink to think we could purchase a RED camera for keepers for the same price as our 45 day Sony package would of been. I have alot of questions on Workflow etc. that I have so be prepared to hear alot from me in the next couple weeks.
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