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  1. http://www.fredkelemen.com/html/interviews/text_turinhorse.htm interviw with the cinematographer. no topics on this masterpiece? there is one now.
  2. very interesting! appears to be top notch considering promised value/price
  3. new camera. shoots in black and white. http://www.ikonoskop.com/a-cam-dii-pancromatic/a-cam-dii-pancromatic/
  4. thank you all! well, i really like this camera. however, if the bolex d16 becomes a reality, the ikonoskp price stops making sense. i hope they try to stay competitive. i like their design and viewfinder placement and all that.
  5. people are shooting on the ikonoskop or what? i really want to see some new footage, serious work being done with this camera. anyone?
  6. yes i have read the article. good stuff. still, not convinced about the lens. but for about 4000, i think it's one more option to consider, nowadays. panasonic af 101 is also in this price range, maybe this performs better. other than this, what else is there until the 20 000 of canon c300 and sony f3? ikonoskop, wich is about 13 000 for the all package? i would love to grab one, but 4000 is soooo much better than 13 000, isnt it? :P
  7. ahah, cool. but not on the forum, so my face is clean, i did not 'repost' :D
  8. i found weird no one posted this yet. http://pro.jvc.com/prof/attributes/features.jsp?model_id=MDL102132 http://www.creativevideo.co.uk/index.php?t=product/jvc_gy-hmq10_4k_camcorder (around 5000 euros)
  9. so one cannot name himself an artist, thats not legitimate, u say, but one can name himself a businessman, that is ok? man, for sure some directores (and all the other places needed to make a film) are not artists, but some are. doesnt matter what they call themselves, but it matters the APPROACH they take on what they do. so, to consider film a product, that certainly shapes up your approach. very well. i am not into that. that was not the approach of my favourite filmakers, and that is not the approach of my favourite painters, and that is not the approach of my favourite musicians, photographers, etc. just to imagine someone call a canvas by bacon or caravaggio or whatever a 'product' is strange for me. obviously, artists 'sell' their art, so u can call it a product, yes. but that is a constraint, not a point of view, for many. its one thing to start something, just to earn money and make a living(a product), another thing is to use artistic means to express yourself, and THEN sell it (because u give art an economic value). either way, no labels required. each one does it the way he wants, yes?
  10. hello, i have a short film coming up and we need to have a tree agitated by wind. it's a big tree, and my question is: what is the best way to do it? DO wind machines do the trick? thanks in advance. fred
  11. 60 years ago people couldnt choose, they HAD to shoot film, and yet, in spite of having no option, great movies were made. so, if film dies, we will have great films to watch, still. obviously film will not vanish, its just gonna cost much more :P and? whatever man. mad props for deakins, who knows a great picture is not about resolution, or numbers or any of that rubbish.
  12. assuming a DP allways has better results then a director Dping is a mistake, i think. most of the times, he probably does. other times, he doesnt.
  13. @ chris walker i understand your point, but isnĀ“t the most important thing the film itself? as in: if the director being the DP gets better results (or the results he wants to get) than having another person doing the job, why shouldn't he?
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