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  1. This is my new Reel for 2009. Hope you enjoy! All comments welcome... http://vimeo.com/4372369 All The Best, Brock Smith
  2. That sounds awesome! That's what i'm looking for! Thanks!
  3. I really appreciate it guys. I'll look into ordering this book this week. The more i make films the more i realize it's not just a lens or camera that makes a good film look good, but the lighting and textures. Thanks again for your input! P.S. Walter, I PM'd you
  4. Ok, so this is my first post on this website. My name is Brock Smith, i'm 22, and I'm about to graduate from a small film school here in LA. Over the next year I plan on spending all of my free time studying light and sets (since these are my weakest points; as seen in my most recent work: http://www.vimeo.com/615179). I was wondering basically how you all learned and the best materials available to read and study it. I am eager to learn and do good work and would really appreciate you're all's help. Thank you for your time.
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