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  1. I want to own above lens . Can you estimate its price, exact lens name and where can I buy from ? Thanks, Mustafa Umut Sarac Istanbul
  2. Lomo 35 nap2 3m 56/2 f:80-110 I bought above, what is your suggestion for film camera , I have pentax k mount slr. Umut
  3. I bought Lomo 35 nap2 3m 56/2 f:80-110. What is next ? I have a K Mount Pentax Film Camera body or I can buy other brand film camera body and how will I attach it to camera ? I will only shoot at infinity and it closes more than 9 meters most. Please shed some light . Thank you , Umut
  4. David, Thank you very much for your reply. My friends at APUG informed me about tv factor at the same time with you.. I think it was not good idea but additional 1.3x lens does not harm I want to record giant scene in to the film. I think LOMO would help. Look good bad ugly final moments , its a monster size view. I looked to LOMO Anamorphic lenses and they are cheap and built like a tank. Can I attach these monsters to a Film SLR camera where viewfinder cropped to Techniscope format and do what Spagetti Director did ? Is there a slide scan taken with these lenses and comparatively with normal camera lens. Would be the frame oval or rectangular ? Will there be vignetting or chromatic aberration ? Is Baltar better than LOMO ? Umut
  5. Hello David , Thank you for your reply, You are right , I am extremelly new to subject. I saw a spagetti western and Clint was travelling with an horse and others in a rocky valley at the end of the movie. I saw it may be 15 or more years ago . Every one is so thin and long. I want that effect , I dont know its exact terminology or technology but someone told me it was 2 perf to 4 perf expansion. Can you help me ? I want to carry a viewfinder - diy or used , I cant buy new and diy is faraway more funny and cheap may be - to view everyone as that movie. Thank you , Umut
  6. Hello David, Thank you for your reply , If I am not wrong , they take 12x35 mm and than print 24x35mm , my english is struggling to describe , but if it is not streched , may be expanded from 2 perf to 4 perf. I want a viewfinder which will simulate that effect , I know they are very expensive but printing a worse version with 3 d printer from clear acrylic would be very funny. Is there such a viewfinder , its patent or its research paper exists. Thank you , Umut
  7. I love the streched Techniscope Panaroma Shots of Spagetti Westerns. I am looking for a directors finder or a patent or paper to give me design tips to print with 3d printer. please help, Thank you for reading, Mustafa Umut Sarac Istanbul
  8. Angenieux Finder for 75mm on 10mm Hello there , I was looking for 35mm photograph camera with Angenieux lens and they were expensive. I found above and grabbed it without knowing anything about it. Can I use it alone as directors viewfinder or mount in to 35mm photograph camera as lens or make a DIY photograph camera out of it ? I am thinking using cine film. Tell me something, Thank you , Mustafa Umut Sarac Istanbul
  9. Hello there, Can anyone tell me how can I mount my C8 lenses on to an 35mm photograph camera ? Best, Mustafa Umut Sarac Istanbul
  10. I read many times that at Emmanuelle movies , operator was using vaseline to coat the lens. I found some horrible dslr shots with that technique at youtube. I want to know the technique and to my eye , skin tones was perfect , blacks were dense and saturated colors were strong , especially golden broderies were glowing , all resembles to me Hong Kong technicolor prints. Am I right ? Thank you, Mustafa Umut Sarac Istanbul
  11. I wanted to write were old timers watching the films as digital restorations .
  12. I am an film shooter and deeply inspired with two color Kodachrome movies and some Kinemacolor restorations at youtube. Even for a youtube video , results are matchless. I only saw such a metallic colors at some modern kodachromes and I never seen such a beatiful skin tone anywhere at two color Kodachromes. It is too good to be true. Were all times watching the movies such that videos or is it a digital marvel. If it is digital , is there a tutorial , post , website or book to carry such film shots to that level ? Mustafa Umut Sarac Istanbul
  13. I am looking for a way to lower film cost for my plastic Leica and switched to regular 8. I will use Bolex as photograph camera and I shoot only 1 good picture per 100. I want to scan that frame with 40 dollars desktop scanner and if I scan highest resolution , would it be better than telecine ? Thanks, Umut
  14. I want to use regular 8mm camera as my photograph camera. I want someone digitised the frames and send me in DVD or USB. Is it possible and to what common cost ? I dont have money for digital camera and diy telecine. Thanks, Umut
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