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  1. Now that you've mention it looks like an adapter that makes sense as i have another lens which looks like a cameflex with that same aaton mount as well I wonder if the adapter is fixed or can be removed... thanks Paul
  2. Dom, That's awesome, yes you're right (come to think of it my father was using Eclairs so i should have guessed). Okay, how about this one? cheers Paul
  3. My father passed on some lenses dug out of the loft. One is a 18mm cooke speed panchro and i'm trying to work out what adapter i need so i can put it back into use. I think it's a Series II as the the III are T2.2? It's not PL (i'm pretty sure). Thought it could be Arri B but i can't confirm and i've seen a similar lens sold with a BNC mount. I'm hoping someone way more experience with these lenses might be able to point me in the right direction. many thanks Paul
  4. Thanks Ari, was hoping to find something UK based but i think i've found a solution. Appreciate the reply! cheers Paul
  5. Hi, It might just be me looking for the wrong thing, but anyone know where i can get adapters for a mitchell base to both a 75mm bowl and a 100mm bowl. Gripping is not my normal area, so please excuse the ignorance! Cheers Paul
  6. Hi, I'd like to ask some general advice for all focus pullers out there. I have a choice of building a set of primes, one of the choices are ZF based zeiss and obviously being Nikon they focus 'the wrong way' (although i have to say i prefer the idea of twisting a follow focus away from me for distance, but i digress) In general how do people feel about that these days? a) Just get on with it, different direction, that's fine. No problem. B) Have to add a reversing gear to FF or it's very painful. c) Some other result...? Personally i don't mind, but that's not my job and there will be situations where i'm not even DPing and the kit is used by others. So i don't want to build a ZF set to discover that in general it's a real pain. I'd rather not change the FF permanently (other lenses i have are the right way round) and i'd really rather not have to add extra weight to the rig with a reversing gear. Perhaps there are simpler solutions? many thanks in advance Paul
  7. Thank you Guy for all your advice. I'll get some new bulbs in as i need to anyway. One question though that you *may* also be able to answer. These lights are supposed to use the black tipped MSR bulbs from Dedo which are obviously considerably more expensive than their Philips originals. I understand the blacktips cut down internal reflections? Is that the case or do i really need to get 'proper' Dedo bulbs. Exactly what to the tips do? Many thanks Paul
  8. Thanks Guy, The few times it happened it was just after turning the lamp on. The head would 'scream' (I really can't remember whether the light actually came on), . It screamed for 5-10 seconds then i shut the lamp off, gave it a little while then tried again and all was well. The light hadn't been used before that first strike, so it would have been cold. Any pointers? Thanks Paul
  9. Hi, I have a couple of Dedo 400 HMIs, in general they're fine but a couple of times i've had one of the heads emit a screaming sound/very high pitched whine. Shut down for a while and restrike and the sound went away. I've googled and i'm no expert on this but any ideas what this might be? Could it be the bulb on its way out? Or something more serious, i assume the head includes an igniter, the ballasts are external and seem to be okay. cheers Paul
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