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  1. This may be a simple question. When using a light meter, the meter gives you the f-stop for correct exposure. Now how many stops down will there be no exposure/black?
  2. I took a still photo of a yellow flower with my 35mm Minolta SRT101 with a 100mm Macro lens. When i got the film back and looked at the photo, it looks great BUT the background that is out of focus is blue. Now the thing is, there was nothing around me that was blue. Only things out of focus was the brown mulch and the green from the stem. How did it get a blue background???
  3. Could i use an ND filter (if need be) but just use a different light meter?
  4. Thanks for the info. Looks like ill just search around for a cheap 814 XL. Its too bad the Bauer doesnt have more ASA settings.
  5. Lenny Walsh

    Bauer A512

    I am looking into buying a S8 camera and i've found that i really like the Bauer A512. I like that is has a shutter angle of 180. My only problem/question is with the ASA that it has. I was also looking at the canon 814 and 1014 but the angle is only up to 150 and i don't want to dish out more $$ for the XLS versions. Bauer A512: ASA (daylight) 25 100 ASA (artificial) 40 160 I would really like to use Kodak Vision2 200T and 500T stock. Will this be possible with this camera at all or is the speed too fast? If it wont work i guess ill just save up more money for the Canon 814/1014 XLS.
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